Wednesday, December 29, 2010

All Kin'a Holiday Fun

So, as some of you may know, J has been trying to grow his hair out for some time. I blogged about it here and meant to post pictures but uh, yeah---I didn't.

Anyway, it hasn't really panned out. He just doesn't have the Fabio type hair, and it was taking FOOOOOOOREEEEEEEVER.

I started nagging him a couple of weeks ago to get it cut because I just didn't like it most of the time. It bugged him too.

So he finally threw in the towel and let me cut it last night. I've honed my clipper skills in the last several months, practicing on Bo and Danyo-- so I was more confident going into it than I have been in a long time.


I gave him a rattail. It was awesome. And by awesome, I mean, 1985 cried at the beauty of it.

But that's not the best part. I didn't tell him I was doing it. I kept waiting for him to say he felt something on his neck still, or feel me pulling on it as I tried to trim around it. We were watching our friends' kids and I was dying for them to come back so they could see my work of art before he busted me. I finished before they came back, and he took a shower. I was sure he'd come down from his shower, laughing and call me out on it. He did not. All the while, I could not stop laughing and several times I had to play it off as something else making me laugh.

Finally our friends arrived and I had her check out J's haircut. She looked at it and was telling me I did a good job and suddenly saw the rattail and started laughing right out loud. That's when J got nervous. He said, "Why are there two women laughing about my hair!?"

I totally figured he'd think I was hilarious and awesome at the same time and I thought he'd at least humor me for two days and leave it on, since he didn't have to go to work and there are TONS of people here who could enjoy it for those two days. But he made me take it off right away. Party pooper.

Plus, he says he trusts me about 26% less now.

However, for THIS----I have pictures.
You are welcome.
These were all taken before he knew, and with our flip camera, so they aren't the greatest quality pictures. But really, a rattail in and of itself is all the quality these photos need.


Rebecca said...


MommyJ said...

I can't believe he didn't feel that thing when he was washing his hair. You're hilarious. That is hilarious... best pictures I've seen all day.

Mrs Lemon said...

You just went up about five notches on my Awesometer. HAHA! Here's hoping he doesn't decide to replenish your make-up for you with primer. :)

Heffalump said...

I had an awesome rat tail when I was 12. Gee...that WAS 1985!

Sherry said...

LOVE IT!!!!!! That is hilarious. I used to (past-tense) cut Gene's hair until one of his superiors made him go to the barber and get it corrected.

Kira Dee said...

Oh man! Which ever friend ruined it is a real jerk! LOL!! coolest thing ever!

Barnecked Lady said...

That is the most GHETTO FABULOUS thing I have ever seen. LOL!

Super Happy Girl said...

You know I'd have never call you a liar (because you can beat me up) so I ma glad you took pictures because it'd be so HARD to believe.


Super Happy Girl said...

He should make that his FB pic.

Totally beats Don Draper.

Super Happy Girl said...

"I totally figured he'd think I was hilarious and awesome at the same time"

Klin said...

You just made me 26% happier cause I got to laugh!

That's pretty much amazing.

Sarah Tilley said...

That's awesome! So funny that he didn't notice. :)

Charlotte said...

That is totally awesome. You are my hero.