Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Things My Kids Say

We continued our copied tradition of elves leaving little gifts for the kids in their stockings, 12 days before Christmas. Combine a late night, Mom's er...Elves' forgetfulness, and a slightly messy house in which Mom decides it's okay for the kids to learn a little lesson, they did not get a treat left in their stocking one night. I'm always curious about how much Danyo takes in on things. He is very....weird when it comes to communicating some things. A very classic conversation with him, "Did you put that stool on your bed?"
"For what?"
"Because I did."
"I know you did, what did you use it for?"
"Because I can."

ad nauseum

So, I was surprised and delighted to hear him grumble to me, "Those stupid elves didn't leave anysing in my stocking."

This morning Avee was straightening up her room post-friend-over-tornado and I peeked my head in to check on it. She had done a spectacular job but there were little pieces of sequins and glitter all over her floor that hadn't been before.

"Avee! Why is that all over the floor!?"
"Oh, I put it there, it's glitter. I wanted my room to be sparkly clean."

And I'mmmmm out.

Bo has been enlightened about Christmas this year. I have to admit, I wasn't sure it would be this soon, and I thought I'd be sad about him not getting worked up about Santa and writing letters, but it's been fun in its own way to be open with him. He's very funny. Reminding me of things we can and cannot talk about. I think I need to document why exactly he knows at 7. He's definitely been suspicious for several months and I just always said, "What do you think?" And in every conversation, he wasn't quite ready to give it up yet.
Then about a month ago we were at our friends house and I caught Bo holding their five year old's arms behind his back, like he was arrested, and demanding, "Give me three good reasons why Santa is real!" I realized he was taking a page from J's book, (Give me three good reasons why I should let you watch this Pokemon show) and adding a little of Bully Bo to it. I snatched him up quickly and took him to another room and scolded him about strong arming a younger kid (the two of them wrestle all the time and either Liam always smiles, or he really doesn't mind) and said, "Santa isn't real, but it is NOT your job to tell other people and the second you tell another child who believes, is the second you stop getting presents."

"I knew it! I KNEW it!!" That was his response. I think later he felt some sadness at the loss of Santa, but told me, it was all good because the presents still come, and if you think about it, it's pretty obvious Santa is make-believe.

Later when I asked him what he wanted for Christmas he told me he'd like the costume for the "Hide yo kids, hide yo wives" guy. I told him he was never getting that and that Dad needed to stop watching stuff like that with him. He said, never. I figured as much.


SAHM Scrapper said...

First of all, this is Caleb's first year of knowing too. I keep thinking he is so young to know, but some no good kids in our last neighborhood told Sarah and Joseph and Caleb got wind of it.

Second, let me know if you find that costume. I'll bet Alan would love it.

Klin said...

"I wanted my room to be sparkly clean." Will you pass on my thanks to Avee? I have a new plan for when people tell me my house needs to be sparkly and clean. I love that girl.

Bo is amazing. My kids don't find out until around 12 or 13. I'm pretty sneaky.

Tori said...

Am I the only kid who totally bawled and was caught off guard that Santa wasn't real?????? Bo is awesome. Tell him he just needs a wife-beater shirt, a red bandana and an afro to be Antoine Dodson.
I've missed you Nobo.

Code Yellow Mom said...

The sparkly clean room in the BEST.

I warded off Calvin's insatiable need for reality this year with a sign that says,"If you don't believe, you don't receive." Passive aggression at it's best. It's just that he can't NOT tell others the things he knows (heredity) and we have three younger believers in the house. :)

Super Happy Girl said...

Tori is such a nerd.

Only Bo would ask for that costume (and I would think it's totally awesome!)

Super Happy Girl said...

Why are comments being approved and whatnot?

Sarah Tilley said...

hahah! hide your kids hide your wife guy! sparkly clean, stupid elves. I love the stuff your kids say. :)