Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This Post is NOT About Cher

Well, it's almost time for my classes to begin. I'm really REALLY excited to start, which is the biggest indication to me that it's been a good decision to move forward on this. I tend to sort of go through life in either an aimless wander or duck and cover type position. That's how I applied to grad school. I was a little disappointed however, when I went to Walmerts yesterday to get my school supplies and there were no lists posted on what I'd need. I'm going to have to go to the Walmerts closer to the University and see if it's posted there. Either that or email all my professors to ask what I should bring. Or just show up with my trapperkeeper. Honestly, what more could you need? J says all I need to be successful in school is a small stapler. That's what all the smart kids have. We'll see. I just might break that mold. I will carry my three hole punch with me. I mean, there are necessities, and then there are necessities.

I'm going to try really hard to not be the person in class who talks about her kids nonstop and how the youngest did a poo poo in the potty finally, etc, etc. Although, today when Danyo went for day two of his new profound rebuttal, "You say no, and I say yes!" to anything I won't let him have or do, I thought that could be really good route to take in my college career. "You say C- and I say A+!" I don't think my red hair and chubby cheeks will have the same effect though. Too bad.

Tonight as I was putting Danyo to bed I reminded him to please not get in our bed at night. But whyyyyyyyyyy? He asked, so diplomatically. I answered with equal diplomacy, "Because it's my bed, not yours." He got his adorable little pouty, entreating face and started to work his magic. But the memory of him trying to snuggle my clavicle and kicking my kidneys was fresh in my mind and I stuck to my guns. "I don't want you to get in my bed, it's my bed, you have your own, you stay in your bed. If you don't want to sleep in your bed, then you can sleep on the floor and we'll give your bed to someone who will stay in it. I don't want you in my bed, all up in my grill all night long again." He countered, "You don't have a grill Mom. Dad does. It's in the garage."

I always seem to find myself on the losing end of arguments with these kids.

I got an adorable phone call from my mom the other day. She said that my brother had posted a video of my nephew on youtube and it was so darling and she wanted me to see it. But I needed to hurry because it was quickly moving down the page on Youtube, and it probably wasn't going to be there much longer. I think I've laughed about this probably 8 times since. It's just a perfect little dish from the recipe of a 75 year old who's internet savvy. Ish.

Ooooooooh. That rhymed.

We made some goals the other day as a family. Avee's were to be kind and choose the right, Danyo's was to watch Dora when we were done and take his bitamins with water, everyday, Ben's were to watch all the amazing kid's movies ever made and become a karate expert. One's my kid, one's J's and one's a mixture of us.

I'm madly in love with my Avee right now. She's so blasted sweet and good. I know this too shall pass, but I sure love it. I particularly love when she scolds one of the boys, after the manner of her mother. "If I see your shoes in the hallway one more time Bo, I will put them in the trash". It's like, a perverse version of me. I make that threat about useless crap they leave laying around, not shoes. Still. I love it. Bo appreciates it for the cuteness that it is, which I'm glad about. He could get annoyed at her bossy-ness, but mostly he realizes she's imitating me and it's cute.

The other day she reported to me that while she was in the bathroom she said some rather uncouth words. I remember specifically that "butt" was one of them. I listened to her confession and then reminded her that those aren't words we really need to be using. She looked at me, both shocked and indignant that I would say this to her. I looked back at her, standing my ground. She then reminded me, "I went to the bathroom to say these words, Mom!"

I realized that the "while she was in the bathroom" part of the story was an important detail. She had apparently had the urge to use "potty talk" and went to the bathroom to do it, and for no other reason than to say those words. Tell me that's not a sweet little obedient imp?

Bo has started acting classes. The rest of this month will be a crazy one for him as he finishes out wrestling and continues his acting class. He's actually gotten quite a bit better with the wrestling and I've finally conceded to let him go to a tournament. They have them all over, and you have to pay extra for them, and I believe they are verrrrrry long and drawn out. So, I was none to excited to voluntarily go to one. But he's really worked hard, and at practices he really pushes himself, pays attention, and does everything he's asked to do. Now I would like to reward him with a great big cheap, gaudy trophy. Don't worry, if he doesn't place, we'll just go to the trophy store and get one. I don't believe in my children ever having to suffer disappointment.

There's a really obnoxious kid at wrestling who thinks he knows everything and he doesn't listen to the coaches AT.ALL and he tries to trip kids when they are running laps, slaps at kids when they are trying to practice legitimate moves, and is an overall annoying little brat. Well, no one will work with him now because at this point, only the kids who really want to learn are still showing up, and he's just impossible to work with.

I watched him get thrown and slammed about 17 times tonight. I might be a little sick and twisted that it was very fun for me to watch. He charged partner after partner after partner like it was some kind of cage fighting tournament. I watched several kids turn, catch his upper body and just fling him. I saw him feign injury about 5 times. As soon as the other kid believes he's actually hurt, he lunges and tackles them. He approached Bo at one point and I just yelled out, "Nope, move along!" Bo would have maimed him and I just didn't want that on my conscience. Bo has a pretty strong sense of justice, combined with an appetite for revenge, it could have gotten ugly really fast.

Wow. I just typed two paragraphs about an annoying kid at Bo's wrestling practices. I think I may have hit an all new low. AND, I'm not going to delete it.

J's home. We have a hot date of popsicles (Chunks o' Fruit, thank you very much KB) and Easy A. Awesomeness abounds here.

Peace Out!
p.s. If you have any advice or tips or ideas on stuff I'll need for grad school, you know, for when my kids' mom goes to college---tell me. I didn't feel like I'd feel so out of the loop, but I do!


Heffalump said...

You need a troll pencil top so you can spin the pencil and mess up the troll's hair. Nothing could be more useful in college than that...

Deena said...

I know it's cliche, but you really need a pocket protector.

Please don't let your son get cauliflower ear.

Hailey used to think it was hilarious to go into the bathroom and say all the potty words. She would crack herself up for a few minutes and then come out and look at me with a knowing smile.

Good luck in school. You rock.

omar said...

I work at a university, so I can say with authority that all you need to do to fit in is dress inappropriately.

We call them "bitamins" in our house, too. :)

Super Happy Girl said...

"J says all I need to be successful in school is a small stapler."

Would you please ask him what do I need to be successful in life?

ITA with Deena and the cauliflower ear.
Bo in acting classes? Ooooooh!

Kira Dee said...

Dang. A small stapler hu? That's why I was never the smart kid at school. [Mental note for went I go back to school]
And its "chunks-o-fruiti," if you are going to thank me, do it right.

Bex said...

As it so happens I love my small stapler and my hole punch. I very much attribute these to my academic success. Yay for going back, I'm so excited for you!
Some thing to know
1. Wikapedia is not a legitimate reference
2. You will make everyone in you class roll on the floor lauging and everyone will want to be your friend
3. Lucky pencil toppers are all the friend got her a Jesus one, cracks me up every time she pulls it out.
4. A's are nice, but spending time with your family is totally worth B's.
5. I love you and am so very proud of you.
6. You're awesome.
7. Bribe your family with an awesome vacation when you graduate, for them taking on extra chores....Cary clears the dishwasher, zach puts them in, they both clean the bathroom, and Jason helps out more. We're headed on a Disney cruise next December right after graduation. It kind of gives them incentive to help out.

Klin said...

In grad school, you really a need a good lap top so you can blog, check your email, read your friends blogs, and surf the internets when the prof is boring you to tears and using the classroom as their platform to spew their political beliefs. But what do I know.

Oh, and snacks were important, too.

Avee is a gem.

I like Bo's goals.

And I think I need some bitamins, too, cause I'm kinda cranky tonight.

Barnecked Lady said...

"Nope, move along"...I just may have to steal that one. LOL!!!!!

Tiffany said...

Giggling this whole post. I love me some Avee.

Tori said...

All I'm bringing to school is a notebook and pens. I figured they'd tell me what I needed. I wish I had a Trapper Keeper. I do have a binder that let's you stick pics in the front of it. Should I stick in a NKOTB pic?

There was a guy in our ward with a funky ear and Sei asked him if he wrestled. He didn't. Oops.

I wrote an entire post about "Go Conner!" so 2 paragraphs is ok.

Michelle Garff said...

livescribe pen and breath mints