Sunday, November 21, 2010

Conversations In The Car. With Avee

Avee: How on oth does Santa come down people's chimney without getting all dohty?!
Me: What makes you think he gets dirty?
Avee: I just figyo-ed. Chimneys are filthy. And why don't you know if he' dohty or not?
Me: I've never seen him come down a chimney. Maybe it's magic!
Avee: There is no such thing as magic.

Avee: Can we make chocolate chip cookies today?
Me: Yes! We'll have to do it right away because I work tonight.
Avee: No! Don't go to work! Stay home!
Me: I know, I'd like to stay home, but I have to go.
Avee: Okay, fine. Then go to work naked so you'll get fired.

Me: I sure love those freckles on your nose.
Avee: I sho love the fat on your body.
Me: Seriously Avee, why do you say that.
Avee: Because I do!!
Me: Why do you love it so much?
Avee: Because you look good.
Me: Yeah, that's right.


Barnecked Lady said...

OMGOSH! SO freaking funny! I miss that girl. Brynn reminds me of her when she was little. Smart, mischievious, cute, petite etc....I'm sure she is still all those things now, I just don't get to experience it.

Emily said...

Can I HAVE her???? My heart smiles even at the mention of her name. . .

Mrs. Organic said...

I really do love her. And I bet she could solve the debt crisis - she's so pragmatic. Go to work naked!

Heffalump said...

Classic Avee. My kids enjoyed reading this...they are still laughing.

Cindy said... made me happy:) those were so funny...I laughed out loud on the last one because Parker often presses on my stomach and says, "You have a big tummy a elephant or something." Oh...I love their honesty!!

Klin said...

Love it. That's awesome.

McFamily said...

Best thing I've read all day! Thank you Avee! Thank you Nobody!

Kristi Clinger said...

She's still keeping it real over there! LOVE IT!

Super Happy Girl said...

"Then go to work naked so you'll get fired"
Thanks right Nobody!

Millie said...

"Go to work naked so you'll get fired" is classic advice. She's so awesome.

Kikibug said...

I LOOOOOOVE this girl!!! She is the best. Can she come over and tell me my fat looks good?? Tell her I will make her cookies. :)
Go to work naked..... bwhahaha Still laughin at that one.

Hannah S. said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! that is SO funny! I love it! I get comments like that at my job.... little kids crack me up!