Saturday, November 13, 2010

Some Footage

For Alicia:
In my wildest dreams, I never imagined...
I was upstairs and Bo came to the landing on the stairs, saying this. Of course I couldn't believe my ears and had to record it. He found this on "Best of Chris Farley". It's in his blood....

And this is about 6 weeks old, but begs to be shared.



alicia said...

So much to love about this post.

1. It is to ME! I am truly honored. Those were some good times. Your excellent humor made it even better.

2. Bo gets more hilarious all the time! Good job exposing him to fine comedy so that he can learn from the great comedians.

3. Danyo! That is amazing. I LOVE the dance he does after he falls down.

Thank you.

glittersmama said...

That child is in no way old enough to be riding a two-wheeled bike by himself. Nope. I won't allow it.

MommyJ said...

Even though I know that Danyo and Henry are the same age, and Henry is three, I still have a hard time believing that Danyo is three as well. He's your baby. He was your baby when I met you. How does that happen?

And seriously. Three years old on a two wheel bike? Can he come over and teach my NINE year old how not to be freaked out? (I'm not kidding. I wish I were, but no. The child is terrified of falling.)

Super Happy Girl said...

Ok ,firstofall, who is that big boy?
Second, who is that other big boy?

So hilarious, love it!!!

Bryner Family said...

My girls and I have watched these repeatedly and cracked up. My 4 year old princess is now quoting Chris Farley and everybody is going around the house singing, "I love to ride my bicycle!" Such an inspiration your family is to us! Loved it! :) Also, Jill was SEVEN before she was confident without training wheels. Miranda is 5 1/2 and will not even use the bike that is her size with training wheels but insists on the little 12 inch bike still. Natalie is 4 and content to sit on the baby trike and "walk" around the driveway. Come visit and teach my kids, Danyo! ;)

SAHM Scrapper said...

Man, you've got video skills. You edited AND put music to it.

OK, and since Alan won't quit saying how red his hair has gotten, he has really red hair. Or maybe we just forgot how red it was.

Kim said...

I just lol over the danyo the moves after he crashes....and i got to share the screen with that boy! yessssss