Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Love You Too

Motherhood has brought me to an all new low.

Danyo is my little routine boy. In addition to that, he is also a little OCD. Do something once a certain way, and it becomes law for him.

One of those is his nap time routine. I "taco" him with his blanket, I say I love you, I pause at the door and he says "I love you too."


Yesterday I missed my window of opportunity and he was just ridiculous from being tired. He was screaming, crying, yelling, slamming things, etc. So I carried him upstairs and tried to keep my cool in the midst of insanity.

He never stopped crying and screaming. And if Rational could have stepped in for a second and he had been silent, I am certain he would not be able to tell you why he was so mad. But he was mad.

I tucked him in, I said I love you, he screamed, "I LOVE YOU TOOOOOOO!" and I kind of giggled and closed his door. He kept screaming. I opened the door and said, "Why are you still yelling?" He screamed, "I SAID I LOVE YOU TOO MOM!!!!"

"I know Danyo, I heard you. Thank you."
"Night night."
"And I love you."

I closed the door, still amused, more than annoyed.

He wouldn't stop screaming. "I SAID I LOVE YOU TOO! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!"

I stuck my head in and told him to be quiet or I was taking his blanket from him.

He couldn't hear my threats because he wouldn't stop screaming. "I SAID THANK YOU!!!!!!"

I wasn't amused anymore.

I closed the door and tried to ignore.

After a minute of screaming he came flying out of his room in a rage. "MOM I SAID I LOVE YOU TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

I came around the corner and he bolted back into his bed, all the while still screaming. "I SAID THANK YOU!!!!!!!!"

He could not be reasoned with. He would not stop crying and screaming. I couldn't even get a word in to calm him.

So I said the most logical, sensible words I have ever uttered:
"If you say, 'I love you too' or 'thank you' one more time, I will spank your little bottom!"

Pretty sure that was my finest hour.


Heffalump said...

Ha ha! Thanks for making me smile!

Mrs. Organic said...

Oh yeah, been there: If you do not stop hugging your sister, so help me!!!

Andrea said...

oh... that window of opportunity makes life so interesting.

Mrs Lemon said...

Zesty has to cuddle before bed, and now he's using it to stall off bedtime. I have to tell him to stop cuddling me and go to bed. Really? I did not know I would ever say those words.

Barnecked Lady said...


Bryner Family said...

Never heard of punishing a kid for saying those things! ;) I hate it when the kids get like that. They used to do that on the way home from Grandma's house in McKinney (used to be a 1 hr drive) and it was just enough time to fall asleep and then be woken up. Jill would get all hysterical and we'd try to just pick her up and toss her in her bed, forgetting all the bedtime routine stuff. We called it, "The McKinney Madness!" Ha ha.

Emily K. said...

HA! I have found myself saying "stop reading that book and finish your ice cream" more than once!

Tiffany said...

That was so funny, Im sitting here giggling.

mycurlyhairdays said...