Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just A Peek Into The Chaos That Is My Mind

Just now I sat down to post and opened up a comment box in my previous post to do it.
This is how I have been operating of late.

This morning I was trying to persuade Avee to go with me to check out the preschool she is going to tomorrow. She assured me that she already knew they had ponies, and that was enough for her to know she'd like it.

I listed off some other things she could see if she went with me, knowing full well her mind was made up and she wasn't interested.

Suddenly she interrupted my list and said, "Wait! Is breakfast included?!"

It's rare that people can get such a hearty guffaw from me like that. Especially teeny little four year old people.

Danyo hurt his toe in June (pretty badly), had to have a hold drilled in the toenail to relieve pressure, toenail eventually fell off, etc. A week and a half ago he re-injured it.

If you meet Danyo today he will show you his toe. He stills says very few words. But "toe" and "ouch" are two we hear every day.

I do not tire of hearing him complain about his toe (it does not hurt him anymore, it's just the memory of two painful injuries on the SAME toe that has affected him the most) because I am just like him. And I know his need to let everyone hear about his suffering.

Bo has been playing outside with a 3-year-old since he got out of school today. This is the same boy who has sought out older kids from the moment he could walk. He even exclaimed today, "Sebi's a pretty nice kid!" I wish I could teach him how very much it is in his control how nice or not nice kids are. The not-nice ones don't get the pleasure of his company. The nice ones do. That might be very Nobody-esque though, I've always thought of my presence as some sort of reward for the masses. Where did I get that idea?

First grade seems to be going well for the little guy. He's kind of obsessed with food, always saying he's hungry when he's not. I don't know what that's all about. J thinks it coincides with the departure of his best friend Caleb. I think J's going all psychoanalytical on me and that's MY JOB. He may be right. Caleb's family leaving left a hole in all our hearts. I'm filling mine with Oreos and french fries. Oh wait, that's what Bo is trying to do, only I keep telling him he can't. That's not very nice of me.

I noticed a lot of discussion throughout Facebook about Obama's speech to schools. I'm not entirely sure I ever actually formed a complete opinion on the matter. I think there's some mistrust with Obama, even with people who voted for him, particularly with his speech-giving. He is an excellent public speaker. He's rousing, and and he taps into just the right rhetoric that gets to people. Myself included, with the exception of his channeling Bob the Builder during his campaign. That just made me laugh. But so far, there hasn't been a whole lot to back up all that good tawkin'. For me, that somewhat lent itself to some skepticism. Turns out he was just going to say to our children, what we should be saying, and preaching, and living ourselves. In some ways it makes me sad that such a basic idea has to be the grand message our president gives. How come 'Merican's have gotten so lazy when it comes to taking care of our children? If you are reading this, I don't mean you. Clearly you are a superb parent.

Oh man, I need to give it up. This blogging business just isn't flowing for me right now.

Glad you could join me for the ride.


Mrs. Organic said...

Yeah, NO. Don't give it up.

portuguesa nova said...

I am so disillusioned with politics in my native country (and everywhere) I can't even describe it. The uselessness all around causes me to shake my head, open-mouthed with confusion even in public places when I allow myself to think about it.

I don't mean to sound like a bra burner--I love my husband and males in general, but I really believe that women (though maybe not necessarily Alaskan governors...but, hey, variety is the spice of life) need to be the decision makers on a global scale. In particular, women with children and very little time who want nothing more than to keep things clean, quiet, comfortable and for everyone to eat their veggies and to go to bed at a reasonable hour. Let men handle the planning and execution stages. Show me a mom anywhere in the whole wide world who does not want everyone of these things. What more do we need?

I have always viewed Portuguese politics from afar as kind of a living parody of how things are supposed to go. Every party, from the "bring back the monarchy, lets get more slaves to build more churches" right wing to the "free marijuana during your late-term abortion" left wing are so amusingly ineffective and uninspiring and full of hot air and about as significant to anyone's daily life as Paris Hilton. Now that I actually live here, I am disturbed by how much the US is really no different--simply everything operates on a much more expensive scale...and, even worse, there is the added benefit of the constant fear mongering and the infinite media outlets to share their stupid, wasting-everyone's-time and brain power rhetoric 24-hours-a-day. And having only two parties, which are essentially the same party, makes it even more annoying. Blurg.

Anyway, I was glad to hear you say precisely what I was thinking.

And unrelated: 1. Poor baby, poor toe. 2. Ponies?! Are you serious?!

Yvonne said...

Sorry about the toe--poor little guy.

I know spending time in your presence is a gift ; )

Maybe you and J could help me figure out why I'm hungry ALL THE TIME--and not just hungry but stuffing my face.

I didn't follow the whole Obama speaking to the schools--hadn't watched the news while I was in Utah. I do have to say he's a little too slick for me--that's why I'm a little hesitant about him. But he is the President.

I hope you mean blogging TODAY is not "flowing for you".

S said...

You trying to tell me you have a stress eater at your house. That is unheard of in this family! Over indulging for FOUR days because you have a pocket full of bill money and like ponies is ONE thing, but this is deplorable. I hope you get a grip on it asap.
The President did alright but I am glad people spoke their mind letting him know his limits. He appears to think he has none:)
I wish I could blog, I have things to say.....really I do. Somehow all my blog ideas to not make it to the dashboard!

Heffalump said...

Ponies? Where was that place when I went to preschool? We got locked in the coat closet for being bad!
Toe+Ouch=cute. It shouldn't, but it does, although I think it wouldn't work that way for me personally.
My six and seven year old are always hungry too. For them it translates out to bored. They have nothing to do, so they ask for food.

Howertons in Iowa said...

being in your presence is a reward. Thank you.
Want a tot on Sunday?
Oh wait, its SC. Maybe the week after? hehe.

Charlotte said...

I'm with Avee. I'm willing to do any number of things as long as breakfast is included.

Tori said...

So... since you never visit my blog anymore or anything does that mean I'm not nice? :P

The "Bob the Builder" reference made me LOL. I just said that the other day when BTB was on tv. I was like, "Hey it's an Obama rally!!" We are so hilarious Nobo.

As for the speech- I think Obama is full of crap so any speech he's gonna make tends to make me cringe. I was fine with his speech overall, but like you said - Shouldn't parents be telling their kids that anyway? I know I am. The lesson plans were the part that made me nervous. They even admitted the originally released plans were "wordly badly." Duh.

ucmama said...

I came to read your blog because I was sure it had ponies.