Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Confessions of a _________________

Hi Guys.

I really want to be a blogger again. Regularly, I try to drum up some action in my noggin, and as you can see, it doesn't happen.

There are so many things that seem to get in the way of my blogging. Big and important and time-consuming things like:
French Fries
16th Century Historical Fictions
Ugly Betty on DVD
My hawt husband
Danyo the Dictator of keyboards

Those are the biggest things I can come up with off the top of my head.

Since I got married and started having children, always in the back of my mind has been the goal and desire to go back to school for a Masters or PhD. I mull it over and talk it out with J regularly.

Except lately, I haven't. I realized I was letting apathy creep into my body. I would be content just puttering around eating PBJs and taking naps. To be perfectly honest, I can hardly think of anything better right now....

This realization set some other realizations into motion and I think it might be safe to say I have let myself go. Some of you who live near me might contest the implied "recentness" of that sentence. It may be more accurate to say "I've been gone".

I do love french fries though.

I guess I'm telling you this so you know that it's not just my blog I'm neglecting. It's also my dreams, my ambitions, my leg hairs, and periodically, my children.

I'm gonna get on that.

In other news. My kids are still awesome and funny and I love them. Yay!

Today I went shopping with Danyo. Just Danyo. It was so nice because when he was screaming and threatening to jump head first out of the cart and scatching at my face for buckling him in, I didn't have to deal with anyone ramming the cart into other people, or displays, or tell anyone I'm not paying $3 for a couple of ritz crackers and pre-cut turkey and cheese, or apologize for running over Avee for the third time because she slid across the floor (purposely) under the wheels of the cart (accidentally). It's so nice shopping with just one.

Anywho, I got him a big ol' plastic cart full of beach toys for $3. Beach toys always come in handy in Iowa. I also bought him a pack of pens. AND a pin wheel thing. That was 50 cents, if you are interested.

Guess what he held the entire time, at the checkout I had to pry from his hands, in the car he sang to it and about it, and has now gone down for a nap, snuggling it.

If you guessed the Great Value Canola Oil Cooking Spray, you are a genius.

The one constant with my kids is, they are all weird.

That's all I have to say about that.


Carrot Jello said...

I thought I was the only one.
I like to dress my Great Value Canola Oil Cooking Spray up in prairie dresses and softly talk to it in my sing-song-y voice. Tell Danyo to come over.

Carrot Jello said...

I was first.
Had I not taken a break from cleaning out my mud room, and organizing my craft boxes, I might have missed that.
See how important breaks are?
They are critical.

Is there a prize?

Barnecked Lady said...

Are we supposed to fill in the blank?!?!??! If so I wanna play.

Confessions of a....
2. Schmitty Girl.
3. Iowan Beauty.
4. Great Value-aholic
6. Sista from another Mista!

Anyways, I gott get back to the pbj eatin and such.

Miss yer guts!!!!

Heffalump said...

I have been neglecting my leg hairs too...except for Sunday when I couldn't find my knee high nylons, so I shaved them so no one would notice.

Yvonne said...

When you get old like me you don't have to worry about the leg hairs--SEE THERE REALLY ARE ADVANTAGES TO GETTING OLD (besides the Senior Discount ; )

It's such a difference shopping with just one--and totally different when you get to go alone.

Kim said...

Nobody is definitely a
Sister From Another Mister
Lawn Mower Maven
Frappachino Fanatic
Preschool Pickup Princess
Oh I am on a roll here....

Sherry said...

I wonder what my excuse will be for letting myself go after Gene gets back... I'll have to dig deep to come up with another one as good as that one. hmmmmm... imagine the leg hairs on a girl whose hubby has been gone for a year. How do you like that mental image?!?

Emily and Stephen said...

Hey Nobo, I think we all feel like that sometimes and the fact is we only have so much time. It is awesome if you want to change something but mybe just start with one thing and give yourself a break, you are funny, beautiful, and smart just to name a few.

Klin said...

It's not yet your season to get your masters or PhD. You can't do everything all at the same time. You gotta spread it out over your lifetime. Remember I was days short of being 40 when I graduated with my masters. You can call me doc if you want, but I am done writing papers to please professors. I want to work with the kids, not be called dr.

Physcokity said...

French fries is a good hobby. I concur. ;)

Charlotte said...

Is it possible to embrace apathy with passion? For the love of french fries, I would do it.

I have been loving my one child shopping excursions. My son doesn't love the cooking oil, though, he is too busy flirting with the sour cream and dryer sheets to notice.

Anonymous said...

ok yall are making me feel slightly less bad that the 9 mo old seems to have a thing for womens razors and OJ

Sarah Tilley said...

don't feel bad. i neglect my leg hairs all the time and they still love me.

Rebecca said...

I think I found the solution.. you let your self go alright.. and she stayed here in Texas and won't come back till you come down her and get her!!! :)

Tori said...

Oh Carrot. lol!!!

I miss you Nobo. Just sayin'...

Rachelle said...

i have to say a big fat "SORRY" for not getting back to you when you were in town ages ago! i'm sorry!!!! i can't tell you how crazy my life got and i fell behind on so many things... but i love you and you are still and always will be my #1 most gorgeous-red headed beautiful talented friend! thanks for always making my smile on your blog... i'm concieted and think it's just for me...haha! love you cutie!

Code Yellow Mom said...

If I could think of the turns of phrases you do...Man, I would love me. Your list of the things you've been neglecting made me laugh out loud. Shoot. And "I've been gone" made me snortle. I love when you do that to me. :)

But now I am going to bed trying to figure out the one big life dilemma this post left me with: If I was in Iowa and had $3 to spend, would it be on a Lunchable or beach toys? Or maybe the cooking spray, just to hear the lullaby that incorporates the word, "Canola"? Hmmmm.

Code Yellow Mom said...

P.S. You have Ugly Betty on DVD? Can I have some? I just got addicted this summer and now am suffering from withdrawal....