Friday, September 4, 2009

The Bloggers I Met

In the back of my mind, for the past month and a half has been a post on my trip to Utah. Now it's getting to the point where referring to my nearly 2 month old vacation is just lame.

On the other hand, I've never really objected to being lame before, have I?

In July, I took my three kids, my 16 year old niece and her best friend, to Utah. Having my niece and her friend proved to be invaluable. They were wonderful at putting out the little fires and I could focus on driving and not speeding. I messed that up a little bit in the middle of Kansas. But really, has anyone ever made it through Kansas without getting a ticket? The last time I got a ticket was almost exactly 7 years ago on our honeymoon, heading back to St. Louis.


We visited lots of people and had a grand time. But I want to mention three bloggy friends I got to meet up with. One for the first time, and two are ollllllllld news 'round here. :)

First was Yvonne. I met her last year at a blogger party and I liked her immediately, and REALLY liked her by the end of our weekend. But there were a lot of people and not a whole lot of one on one time with anyone.

So, I was looking forward to getting to sit and chat with just her. Granted, Bo and Avee were there, stealing a little of my thunder, but whatever. They do that ALL the time. When we finally parted ways, I thought we had talked for about 45 minutes. It was uh---over two hours. And still it wasn't long enough, but my kids were climbing trees and threatening to wet their pants and whatnot. We talked nonstop. She is funny and wise and kind and insightful and one of those people who when you talk to, you feel like they are your biggest fan. And then you realize they make EVERYONE feel that way. Which is a really cool way to be, if you ask me.

She let me show off Bo talking about geometry. And didn't roll her eyes once. She's just that classy, people. And she saw Avee in full-Avee form. Climbing trees in a dress and making everyone around us leap to their feet to save her. She never needs saving though.

It was a definite highlight of my Utah visit. Thanks for taking the time, Yvonne. Hmm, I hope she reads this blog...

The next day I met Sister Pottymouth for lunch. I don't know if she was nervous meeting me for the first time, but I realized as I was driving to meet her that I wasn't one ounce nervous, just really, really, excited. And she did not disappoint. I have to say, she's a total hottie in real life, and I didn't expect that. Not because I'd seen pictures that were contrary, I just wasn't expecting that kind of hotness from someone named "Pottymouth". :) She also just had a baby a year ago, and me, I had a baby TWO years ago and still look like I'm pregnant, and that showers are just beyond my grasp. Maybe I was so enamored with her writing, I never paid attention to anything else.

She gave me a cute little handmade bag filled with goodies for the kids. I was just really struck by the thoughtfulness of this. One of the goodies was play-dough. Another was a rocket/slingshot Spiderman. I'm thinking perhaps Sister Pottymouth had something against me before she even met me. On the other hand, the kids thought the flying Spiderman on the trip home was HIIIIILAAAAAARIOUS.

We also talked nonstop. Danyo was with me on this visit. He's a totally obnoxious lunch date and it was frustrating for me, and I was sweating like a pig within 12 minutes of meeting SP, but she didn't point and laugh once. At least not that I saw. She was very good with Danyo and I guess he was appreciative because after about 15 minutes of being a terd, he just stopped and was totally delightful for the rest of the time. That NEVER happens. I believe he was the one that rounded out the visit with a good ol' poop. Between the three of us, it was bound to happen, I guess.

Sister Pottymouth made me want to move back to Utah. I think we would be fantastic IRL friends. I could show up at her house for lunch, she could make me lunch...the possibilities really are endless. I really like her. She was easy to talk to, funny, engaging, and picked a REALLY yummy lunch place. Her first three kids are all boy, and the youngest boy is just a little younger than Bo. She's sorta been there, done that, on the parenting boys front---as far as I'm concerned. It was good to talk to her about some things Bo says or does---I live to hear the words, "that's pretty normal". Sadly, she didn't assure me of that much when I talked about myself. I look forward to more visits with SP. And lunch too.

We also shared a brief round of "It's a Small World" which I always enjoy. She knows, by way of her husband, my friends Rob and Mary Ann.

Then I was out one day running some errands when Lil' Ms. Klin sent me a text, and it turns out, I wasn't very far from her house at all. Our visit was quick, but still a breath of fresh air. Klin is a "take you as you are" kind of girl. I love them kinds of peeps. She's also a therapist, and I think this kind of attribute is especially useful in being a good therapist. I guess the therapist part of that is, "Take you as you are" and then "help you be even better".

I have no doubt, if I had turned up and been all clepto at her house, she would have still been kind and happy to see me, but probably would have engaged in a little more "help you be even better" action.

Don't worry I didn't steal. Much.

I got to meet three of her children, and her husband.

Klin does foster care and I have all kinds of respect and admiration for people who do that. Her having foster children wasn't new to me, meeting two of her children and one of her foster children, I was just reminded of how cool I think she is. While I was standing in her home, it struck me how cool her husband was too. I think it's generally more natural and "easy" for a woman to be nurturing and have that desire to take care of children who are in need. But I think it takes a pretty great guy to be involved and supportive and provide that good home life for those kids. Is that sexist? I meant it to be a compliment.

Danyo got his kitty fix. He calls all animals "Daddy". It reminds me of how Bo used to call all cheese by-products and Jesus, "Cheese." There is no end to the amusement it provides me.

The visit was quick, but wonderful. Klin is good people. I'm gonna grow up to be just like her. She also loaded Danyo up with some goldfish crackers and sent some treats for Bo and Avee. Bo and Avee don't even know her, but they looooooooooove her.

And this doesn't even touch the the rest of the awesomeness of my trip, but I always like to read/hear about new bloggers (or even "old" ones I already read), so I thought I'd share.

The End.


Heffalump said...

I love it when bloggers are just as nice or nicer in real life as they are on their blogs.

Plain Jame said...

I loved meeting you, I'm glad I got to. Those people you met really sound outstanding, I love making new friends.

Lisa said...

Well, now I feel lame. I am gonna have to copy this post and paste it in my own blog, but change the names to the people I met. It's been since July and I keep thinking-who is gonna care now? I guess someone. I loved reading this!

Tiffany said...

How fun to meet fellow bloggers. I actually went to high school with pottymouth, small world huh.

Code Yellow Mom said...

Kansas is one of those states that you can't get out of fast enough, and especially since when it takes three days crossing the US, two adn a half of them seem to be crossing the endlessness of Kansas. So speeding tickets there don't count, if you ask me. :)

I love it that you like meeting bloggy friends and you tell us about them. I'm too chicken!!!

But now I don't know if I can read your blog anymore, you sexist. ;)

Code Yellow Mom said...

P.S. I'm commenting on your blog instead of calling you. But it's just because I was on my way to bed and just checked bloglines and HAD to read...I'm lame, lame, lame.

glittersmama said...

Good thing I took 80 and skipped Kansas. Although I'm pretty sure Nebraska was no better.

Yvonne is awesome.
I don't know SP.
I'm bummed that I missed Klin.

Mrs. Organic said...

I wish I could've met you (we had a funeral the same day), so please make sure to come back again.

Yvonne said...

I am so glad we had a chance to meet up again. (BTW, you are far too kind.) I loved meeting Bo and Avee.

I hope you know how I feel about you.

I don't know Sister Pottymouth, but I'm glad you had such a wonderful visit.

I know Klin and I agree--she is wonderful.

Tori said...

Yvonne is MY biggest fan.

Klin said...

Thanks for the heads up about Kansas. We'll be coming through there next month.

Yvonne is one of my favorite peeps. I'm gonna be like her when I grow up.

I got to meet Sister Potty Mouth when Carrot let me crash dinner on her visit. She is great. I hope to get a chance to meet her again.

You made my whole night when you stopped by. Danyo is the most adorable little dude. My hubby now understands why I love to go meet bloggers.

Sister Pottymouth said...

Aw, shucks! You made me blush...

No, I wasn't nervous about meeting you at all. It felt like meeting an old friend, but for the first time. I loved it! And if you move back to Utah, I would totally make you lunch. Every day. Just to have you come hang out at my house. (Does that make me sound stalker-ish? I hope not.)

Klin already mentioned meeting up at the dinner for Carrot (who was a total riot and kept saying "Phil?" to Phil). If Klin came to my house, I'd totally make her lunch as well, just to hear her talk. She is awesome.

I'm so glad you had a good trip to Utah, and I'm glad I was part of it, if only for a couple of hours. mwah!

dancin' momma said...

Running Man and I have driven through Kansas once in our lives. And we got a ticket two miles from the border of Colorado...

omar said...

Tori's my biggest fan.

I *was* a fan of yours, Nobo, until I learned about how sexist you are.

When your family is ready to make the trip out to Palmyra, NY, let a brother know. Me and J can talk politics or sports or anything just so that we can not watch our kids, because we all know that men are not responsible when it comes to raising children.

mycurlyhairdays said...

I know this is late, but what a great post! There are cool chicks everywhere!