Friday, July 18, 2008

New, Improved, & With Pictures

A few things have happened since I last blogged f'real.

Shortly after the computer died, J had a birthday.

And we celebrated this day 6 years ago:

Part of that celebration involved acknowledging (and complaining, on my part) that neither of us look anything like that any more. One of our less tactful friends said when noticing a picture of us on our wedding day, "WHOA! How old were you when you got married." In that question, it was implied, "J, were you 12?" and "Nobody, did you eat the young Angela of newly wedded bliss?"

He is not allowed in our home anymore.

We celebrated the 4th of July with friends and good food.

Bo's hair grew wild and unruly and I was forced to buzz it. He was not happy about any of it, from the accidental use of the word "buzz" to the accidental knicking of his neck with the razor because he was being such a booger and I just felt like knicking him. At least that's what he thought.

I had a little fun. It was my personal paycheck for all the work of cutting his massive head of hair.

He freaked out about the short 'do and was set on spending the rest of his life in his bedroom away from everyone who would mock and scoff his ridiculously short hair that looks like every other 5 year old in the Midwest. I was okay with letting that happen. But, being the extraordinary
mother that I am, I remembered a picture I had just run across the day before whilst cleaning (more proof that I'm extraordinary, and that my computer was broken) where he had the

exact same hairdo. And he was smiling. So, I got the picture and a hand mirror and caught him mid-seizure fit, and showed him the picture and his reflection. He took one look, grabbed his pokemon cards, wiped his snot on my sleeve and tore downstairs and out the door.

Now Avee on the other hand. Her hair was perfectly fine. Only, she just looked so sweaty one day. And no matter how many times a day I comb her hair, she always looks scraggly and uncombed. Unless I took the time to put stuff in it. Which isn't very often. And often borderline ridiculous. But it's mostly because she has curly hair. Uneven hair. And two different places where she's cut her own hair.

So, I sat down to give her hair a trim. Maybe just even it out. Maybe go a little shorter for a cute little bob.

An hour later....

And little D? Well he's as cute and as attached to my kneecaps as ever. I don't get that about him, but he's persistent in showing his love and need for my calves and ankles. He also learned a new skill. I can't help feeling like I've got a prodigy on my hands. A very happy prodigy.


omar said...

Aw, look at those two kids who got married. And better yet, I have no idea what you look like now, so I can't even comment on how you don't look like that anymore.

I cut my boy's hair as well, and my favorite part is whacking him several times with a towel afterward to "brush off the hair."

Wait, this post wasn't about me. Your kiddos look as cute as ever. But because it's been so long since you last regularly posted about them, I'll need some more new stories about each so I can decide which one is my new favorite. I think my most recent favorite was Bo. But now they're all even again.

alicia said...

All is right with the world again!

You and J are still babes.

You have got some mad haircutting skills.

Cindy said...

I too may have made a comment on how young J looked....I hope I can still come over!!

I love Bo and Avee's haircuts, I may have to bring my Parker over for a much you charge?

And Danyo..he is so stinkin cute!! It seems like he has grown up really fast within just a few weeks.

YOU guys are all great and We love your kids.

I better go before the rambling starts!!

Natalie said...

Love Jay's shirt. :) Happy Birthday, Anniversary, and Haircuts!

Neal said...

avee's hair is like the cutest thing i've ever seen. you did that yourself?? very cute, all three of them, as usually. :)

Leslie said...

neal is not really neal, it's leslie. :)

Tori :) said...

If you go by our wedding pics it looks like the old Tori is stuck in my butt. My butt has just expanded so much. Oh well,...
I see your husband is wearing his work shirt? ;)
Wanna cut MY hair in Oregon??

S said...

Love the hair cuts, I wish you would have left the mohawk! Its the thing to do. Can't wait to see theM:)

I am Not sure Tori's comment make sense but it is funny:)

Michelle said...

Nice job with the haircuts! I tried to buzz the sides of my son's hair this morning (he has a mohawk) and he ended up with one patch of baldness. Oops!

Suzanne said...

Yay Nobody! I'm so glad you're back! Happy Birthday to J! LOL at his tee! :D And Happy Anniversary! I LOVE your wedding picture. You two are a pair of hotties! You know, I still find comfort that I looked that way once in my lifetime, even if I'll never look like it again. But wouldn't it be nice! :D

Good job on the haircuts. See, you're multi-talented AND a hottie!

Suzanne said...

LOL at Tori! :D

Sarah Tilley said...

great job on the haircuts. i love a good buzz cut. your boys are adorable and avee looks cute no matter what. yes, you have a fine mess of yungins.

Rebecca said...

Now that down right cute from beginning to end.. the birthdays.. anniversarys, hair cuts and the prodigy.. love it.. miss it..happy birthday.. anniversary.. and yours on MONDAY!!

EarthBint said...

lol that was a stinkin cute picture of Avery. And I agree that you should have kept the mohawk :) I'm packing now!!!!!!!!!!! See you in a few days!!

Code Yellow Mom said...

Remember the stocking cap haircut I gave you when you visited about five years ago? If you ever wonder where Bo got his tons o' hair, I can explain. Between the two of you, you probably have enough for every head in Texas. And Iowa. I'm jealous. Nobody should have that much beautiful red hair. :)

Nice job on Ave's little cut. She is adorable.

And Danyo. Danyo, Danyo. Pure and total edibility.

Carrot Jello said...

Oh yeah? Well, my baby has already memorized the dictionary.
Of course, he can't talk and tell us all the words he knows, but one day, he will. Trust me. It'll be soon too. After he finishes reading War and Peace.

Beckie said...

YAY!!! your back!! I can now have my blog crack fix. Love all the pictures.
1st: how good does J's cake look? Stinkin' GOOD!
2nd: Love the wedding photo! I look at mine and laugh and laugh and laugh at those forgine pre babie bodies (mine and Jasons)
3rd: Absolutly adore the haircuts! I always let mine hve a mohawk for a few days before I shave it all off.
4th: I just L-O-V-E baby Danyo's laugh. LOVE IT!
Glad your back. I miss your face.

Tori :) said...

I forgot to mention that Livie has the same cute stripped shorts and if that shirt has a pineapple on it, she has that too. Our girls are so cute!

Tori :) said...

S- It made perfect sense. Which part? The butt part or the shirt part?

My butt is huge.

When we met Nobo tried to tell me her hubby was an assistant to the regional manager of a leading paper supply company. Nice try Nobo.

aubrey said...

love the haircuts. and that is awesome, little danyo being a genius baby. by the by, glittersmama is looking for a haircut in oregon. maybe we could do before and after shots of everyone and you can cut hair. yee-ha! no? bad idea?

aubrey said...

oh. and i really want a dunder mifflin tshirt.

Sketchy said...

I have several responses to this post, sorry for taking so much of your very important time.

Tell Bo that I force my boys to go to the barber shop around the corner where the barber is slightly grouchy and the waiting room slightly smelly. That might help him be reconciled with the delimma of his mom-cut.

Brooke has virtually that same haircut as Avee by the way, she's 12 and wanted to look "posh" (Not "Posh" as in Victoria Beckham, she'd be in pigtails at this moment if she'd said that.)

A Prodigy? Like you needed another one about the house...

And Happy Birthday to J and Happy Anniversary to both of you. (Did you eat the Angela of your youth? Or was that your kids?)

megachick said...

happy birthdays and anniversaries. so happy to see more pix of your too cute little red-heads. add me to the list of those who wish you'd kept bo's 'hawk. definitely cool right now. i don't think my girls would let me do that, but...i LOVE avee's cut, if it really is practically shorn in the back but face framing in the front? awesome! all the look, less of the sweat.