Friday, July 18, 2008

I've got back, er, I'm back...

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

And I've missed you so.

And I've just frittered my night away on the computer. My husband is so kind and patient to let me have this brief affair with the computer.

I've been so productive without the computer.

Omar, your blog won't let me comment.

S, I'll call you tomorrow.

Tori, thank you for your not so silent vigil.

I was just about to start taking donations for a new computer. :)

See you tomorrow!


omar said...

I've frittered many a night away on my computer.

Waddaya mean it won't let you comment?! What happens when you try? Are you leaving comments about viagra or cialis? Details! Feel free to email me. This is a Priority 1 issue for my support team.

glittersmama said...

woohoo Nobody's back!!

MommyJ said...

Nothing is more glorious than an email inbox full of comments from nobody. I'm glad your back too.

Tori :) said...


Does Omar really have a support team?

Cindy said...

I am glad you are back! I missed you!!

S said...

I need to donate my computer to the need-to-b-more-productive cause. How does it just suck the will to clean anything.......even my body right out of me!? :)
The teacher is giving me back my papers today (he is driving across kc to meet me)......he said he only had to use THREE red pens LOL I guess that is better than a box of twelve.
I will be sitting by the phone anxiously awaiting your call:)

Code Yellow Mom said...


I was just about to get all old-fashioned and call you. On the telephone. Probably still will. K?

I'm suffering from withdrawal because when Nobody doesn't comment, I lose all my blogging ooomph. Seeyesly.

Breit Mama said...

OH thank goodness!!!!!

No Cool Story said...

Dreams do come true!!!!!!!!!!

Rebecca said...

yeah.. your back.. it must of been my call, much easier to blog than to hear me rant and rave!!! life can go on now.. or at least I can avoid life and blog surf..yipee!!!