Monday, July 28, 2008



If I'm being honest here, which I try to do for the most part on this blog, I'll have to admit openly that I did not take my camera.

I knew that out of the 8 of us that went, Avee and I would be the only two that didn't have a camera. And if there's one thing I know how to do---it's mooch. And I'll admit this too: I mooched photos. I said, "Oh here, take a shot of this" the whole time. And pretty much, every picture I wanted taken was taken. But now I have to actively work at getting them from everyone, onto my computer. There's really only one that I really want to show you.

I had a great time. My first day there after getting overwhelmed by traffic and finding places and a long check-in and then driving the car far away to park for less than $50 a day---I was sure that this touristy, sight-seeing business was not my scene.

But I had a great time with my family and friend. I took only Avee with me. I was pretty concerned about leaving Danyo because he and I--well, we're sort of attached to each other. He did great. J marveled in the simplicity and delightfulness that is spending a day with Danyo. And that was good.

Even though I got home at 7:10 pm last night, Danyo was already asleep for the night. It was VERY hard for me to let him stay asleep. I wanted my arms around that squishy little guy. This morning he had nothing but disdain for me. It was tragically hilarious. He laid on J's shoulder like they were peas and carrots and looked at me like I was some nasty lumpy sauce that shouldn't adulterate perfectly acceptable vegetables like peas and carrots.

Then I said, "Diggy, diggy, diggy" and he laughed and called me mommy and offered up all his precious slobber to me. We're best friends again.

We stayed at an amazingly beautiful hotel. My friend who went with us actually summarized it well on her blog. You can go see what I did over there.

We saw Wicked on Saturday. I have been very excited to see it and my expectations were very high. It exceeded every last expectation I had---by a mile. I loved every single millisecond of that show. The woman next to me---not so much. I think my hearty guffaws bothered her. And a couple of times I bellowed out, "THAT WAS AWESOME!" which isn't really all that socially acceptable. But I was completely caught up in the show. I highly recommend anyone who has a chance to see it---see it. If it's in Chicago, we had great orchestra seats, so i can't be entirely sure---but it looked like pretty much any seat in the theater would be good.

I want to go 100 more times. Anyone have $2000 they want to donate to the cause?

As I mentioned, Avee went with me and she was a champion traveler. She wanted to be held a lot, but I can totally relate, so I didn't really think of that as a negative thing. We used the El and the buses for everything and everytime we went on a bus, Avee wanted to swing from the hand grip thingy-ma-bobs that they have for people who have to stand up. I finally let her on our last bus. It was pretty funny. I don't think anyone else thought it was.

We still have visitors and we're a little piled up on each other. 4 teenagers, one tween, my sister, her 18 month old, and of course, the usual clan of Nobodies that hang out here.

I feel like there's a zillion other things I'm supposed to write or that I wanted to write, but it's 11:41 pm and none of them are coming to me.

That 'l do little Nobody, that 'l do.

This picture: Fills me with happiness and makes me laugh everytime I see it. This is Avee with one of her bffs at a Pioneer Day festivity the night before we left for Chicago. They did this on their own. I was not a part of any of it.


aubrey said...

i got a kick out of you shouting, "that was awesome" in a theater. and guffawing. i'm glad you had a nice time!

aubrey said...
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omar said...

I'm so conflicted. I don't know whether to be mad because you didn't bring a camera, or to give you a high five for making everyone else take the pictures for you. Creative laziness, I like to call it. It's an art form in itself.

Anyway, I've decided that because your posts normally include a fair amount of photos or videos, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Anyway anyway, glad that you made it home OK and had a good time.

iowamom said...

I am so so jealous! Sounds like an awesome trip!

Tori :) said...

I read your entire post and had a great comment about how I'm so excited that you had a wonderful trip and what a fun time!
But then you wrote "We used the El" and I immediately reverted back into "Movie Quote Tori." You know on The Fugitive when Dr. Richard KImble calls his lawyer and the cops are all listening to the call and are all like, "That sounds like an el in the background"? And they figure out it's THEIR el in Chicago! Yeah- you rode The Fugitive el!! YAY!
See you next week!!

alicia said...

My best pictures have been when I didn't bring a camera. I was in a lot more of the pictures.

It sounds like a very fun trip!

Sketchy said...

You must promise me there are pictures of Avee hanging on the bus strap things...then I'll forgive you for not taking your camera.

NOBODY said...

Aubrey--I should have been sitting next to you. :)

Omar--I'm so pleased that my deep and meaningful posts conflict you. I'm also a big advocate of creative laziness. It makes laziness entirely acceptable to me.

Iowamom---next time, you come! :)

Tori--your comment made me laugh. You are a victime of your overpowering impulse to quote movies. I was just like Harrison on the El. Without a beard. And with a 3 year old. And red hair. And no one chasing me.

Alicia---I didn't get in hardly any pictures. I hate immortalizing myself at this juncture of my post baby state of being.

Sketchy--I did not. She did it while the bus was moving and I had to hang on for my own dear life, AND hers. And keep her feet from kicking the nice girl in front of us. Avee thought that was actually part of the game.

Code Yellow Mom said...

Still green. :)

Definitely have to see a show with you some time.

Cindy said...

Tori- I also thought of the Fugitive when noboday mentioned the EL....I love my movies too!!

I am so happy you had a good time. My sister is going to be in Chicago the first week of September. So, I am thinking a road trip to Chicago is in order and a stop to see Wicked, of course. I have heard so many GOOD things about it!!

Glad you are home!!

Sarah Tilley said...

i love laughing and shouting stuff in the theatre. i wish i could've been there with ya.
reminds me about one time a long time ago when i went on a double date with my sister and we saw this batman movie. when robin's whole family got shot up by the bad guys and fell to their grisly deaths from the trapeze, i was the only one in the theater laughing.

Sarah Tilley said...

p.s. love the pioneer photo!

Analiese said...

That's it. Me, you and Tilley all need to go to the theatre together. I am sure we will be black listed for eternity. It will be worth it though. For an extra kick we should bring sally. Can you imagine?
Were you quoting Babe? I use that line alot.

MommyJ said...

That picture is totally hilarious.

I shout out in theaters too. I can rarely contain my excitement.

Barnes Blog said...

Hey, are you coming to my Scentsy party tomorrow night? Don't complain about not getting an invite, if you and Tiffany would have come to book club last night you would have gotten one.

Barnes Blog said...

Oh ya, cute kids.


Suzanne said...

It sounds like you had so much fun on your trip! And look at your cute little pioneer girl! At least she's not flashing like the other one! ;)

Suzanne said...

P.S. Only 9 more days until I see you! :D

No Cool Story said...

So not only you are mooching pictures but posts as well.
Pretty good Nobody, pretty good.

I didn't know you are not supposed to bother peas and carrot, I shall make a note of it.

I am so happy Wicked was so wickedly awesome!!! :D You deserve awesome :D

Be honest Nobody, that picture is IN Chicago. Admit it.

Emily said...

Oh, you are too funny. . .I loved you yelled THAT WAS AWESOME! I'm yelling it right now just thinking of "Wicked".

You are brave to ride the El.

Candi Ladwig said...

Just stopping by to say hi... and bookmark your blog :)