Thursday, June 26, 2008

Heaven or Hell, It's Going Somewhere

My computer is broken.

Don't know if it's dead or dying, but I'm pretty sure it's at least seen the light, and going towards it.

From this end, it means I can say "I told you so" at least 53 more times to my husband and that my house is VERY clean for the first time in several months.

From your end, it means no mud puppies, no speech impediments, no ghetto walmerts encounters, etc. Oh, I'LL still be enjoying such things---just you won't.

I'm sorry for your loss.

So, let's take this time, while I'm gone, to get to know each other.

I love "ask any question" posts because you get to know things you might not otherwise know.

So, I'm doing that---ask a question.

There's just one catch:
I want you to answer it for yourself, along with the question. If it's specific to me and my life circumstances and doesn't apply to you, obviously, you don't have to answer it. Feel free to ask anything. It's not like you can force me to answer anything I don't want to---right?

Won't this be so fun!?

Also, take the time to say "yo" or "hey" or "sup" if you haven't ever commented before. That way you won't come off as a complete weirdo asking me what kind of shampoo I use. Some people call this "Delurking" but I don't really think of people who read and don't comment as lurkers.

I like to think of them as, My Silent Friends.

The computer gives me about 4 good minutes and then blue screen appears, so I'm going to save myself some frustration and wait for it to be fixed.

Could be 2-3 days, could be 2-3 weeks.
HA! Like I could really last that long without my Teh Internets.

To help tie you over (I'm not even sure that's the correct phrase) I'll leave you with an early morning Pokemon conversation:

Bo:Hi mom. Can you buy me a pack of Pokemon cards?

Groggy Mom: No


Because I don't want to spend my money on Pokemon cards, I don't think you need them and the ones you have gotten from other kids, you don't even really care about or take care of.

Yes I do.

Then why has Danyo managed to eat both Digemon and Pikachu, not to mention half of an energy card?

Hahahaha! You're joking, right?

Sort of. But I've thrown away cards, I have taken them from Danyo, I've picked them up off of the floor dozens of times---that tells me you really don't care that much about them.

But I do care. I want some reeeeeeeeaaaaaaal bad.

Well, you can buy some, you have a lot of money you've saved up for your Wii.

I'm not spending my Wii money on Pokemon cards.


How about this? How about you give me my allowance, and I'll put it in my money jar for the Wii, and then you can give me a little bit more, for some Pokemon cards.

That's the same as me buying them. I'm not spending my money on Pokemon cards.

Okay, okay. Howwwwwwwww abooouuuuuuut...we go to the bank, and you know those round things with black tops? You put some papers in that, then push the green button and make it go, then they can send it back with money in it and I can use it to buy some cards.

Uhhh, that's the money Daddy earns by going to work and working hard every day.

He doesn't work on Saturdays and Sunday.

You're funny, Mr. Literal.

Ha! That's a funny name. So, can we use Dad's money to buy me some cards?

Nope, Dad is even more opposed than I am. Remember, he said you couldn't even watch Pokemon until you could give him three good reasons of why you like the show.

Yeah. I can't think of three reasons, but I really want to watch it.

Here's the bottom line Bo. I don't think you need Pokemon cards. And I'm a pretty nice mom. I give you everything that you need. Like clothes and shoes and swimming trunks and food and blankets for your bed. I also give you a lot of things you want, like an Omnitrix watch, Ben 10 figurines, goggles, a light saber, a bike, and lots of other toys that are overflowing in the basement. So, I'm probably pretty sure you don't need the Pokemon cards if I'm saying no. You really don't have to have something just because someone else does. For example, do you think Caleb would like a Ben 10 watch?

Yeah! Let's get him one!

No, I just mean, he probably wants one, he doesn't have one and you do, but that doesn't mean he needs to get one.

Well he could.

You're missing the point.

So, can I get some Pokemon cards?




Sketchy said...

Oh the great and varied Polkemon card debate!

OK, a question...I really stink at these things you know... ... ... (those dots mean thinking time you know) ... ... ... Light bulb!

q: Are you planning on having any more kids?

a: No, I think it's over. After 7 years of minimalistic birth control I think it's a sign, we're done. Of course I can't get over thought that there is supposed to be one more girl...

S said...

K I am NOT going to answer my own question? They say if you are gonna talk to yo self yo shouldn't answer. LOL
Man I could have gotten him PM cards for his birthday.
You missed Amazing trip she is in ILL now:((((

omar said...

I've commented many a time before, but I'm fairly certain I've never said "hey," "yo," or "sup" to you. And frankly, I'm feeling a little pressure to decide which one I should say.

Re: the computer: buy a Mac.

Re: the question: If Publishers Clearing House came to your door with $10,000,000, what's the first thing you would want to do with the money?

My answer: pay off the car and the college debt. Then I'd buy my internet friends, Nobo and J, a shiny new iMac so they'd never have to endure a blue screen again.

omar said...

Well now that you've changed the post, the first part of my comment doesn't make as much sense! Just for that, I won't say "hey," "yo," or "sup" to you. Take that.

EarthBint said...

This is really hard.

Qu:Ben and Jerry's or Pho?

Answer: Dude why would you even ask that. I do love my pho but ice cream is my drug.

This is my personal question that has nothing to do with your blog...

Qu: If a girl with an English accent came to stay with you, what would you make her say?

NOBODY said...

Oh Omar, you make it so funny. I just laughed myself into a drunken wheezy stupor by changing the blog back to its original "erroneous" way. Just so your comments would be all over the place. Then I decided that waiting 23 minutes for the computer to load and only having 3.23 minutes to change something is PROBABLY a waste of valuable time. I'm really gone now.
For real.

Millie said...

I have this same problem. The only word my kids hear is "NO" and then they launch themselves into a day long tirade... they're just so certain they're right. And I'm so certain they aren't.

Q. If you had the opportunity and the money was OK, would you ever provide day care for someone else's children?

A. No. Never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, ever again.

Unless they're grandchildren but even then, it would depend on the grandchildren in question. ;)

Jamie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jamie said...

Oooops, I just meant to edit.
PS - condolences (I just retyped that word like 8 times) on your computer.

SUP - I'm delurking - I found your blog last year through kiki t - a mutual friend. I love reading because I have 2 & 3 year old girls that are wild. I live in Riverton and almost came to GNO when you came to visit last year. Anyways...

Q: Am I a stalker? Technically yes, however it's only in the blog world now that I'm married to my dreamman. Stalking is a thing of the past for me. SUBQUESTION: Am I a beast only when I'm dieting or PMSing? A: NO. ANYTHING can bring out the beast in this woman randomly; from excessive heat, to cleaning, or even children singing so high pitched the glass starts to crack and the dog is groaning.

No Cool Story said...

Q. Are both your computer and your phone dying?

A. Yes, the computer seems ready to give up its ghost and the phone also is on its last legs...hence I am unable to leave a cool, sweet and fun MESSAGE when I call people.

No Cool Story said...

There there Nobody, don;t be so hard on yourself.

Go ahead, buy yourself a pokemon card.

Not NCS said...

Um, ok, now you know I love Omar, right? (in a pure of heart bloggy way) I mean, he was going to stop eating if NCS left her blog (not that you know anyhting about that because it apperas that both your phone and computer are malfunctioning)...BUT, Mac vs PC, seriously, not a contest.

Sorry Omar. I still love you!

No Cool Story said...

Oh wait, the question was supposed to be from me to me?

Rats, ok, let me try again.

Q.Did someone call me today?
A. Nope, Nobody called today.

Lisa said...

Buy the Mac! I don't have one, but wish I did. My husband made me buy a Dell and I have Mac envy really really bad.

I have no questions because I stink at that game.

No Cool Story said...

FYI: All PCs go to heaven.

Cindy said...

It does not take long for kids to know all the places they can get money!! I do not like pokemon either and I loved your parenting skills in explaining to him, that just because he wants something, does not mean he can get it.

I told J to bring your computer over and my ben will fix it, so make sure he does it.

ok, question... what is your favorite drink? scotch, rum....LOL No seriously, what is it?

Mine... MT.Dew, Cherry coke, and anything with ice cream. Oh, and strawberry daqari...vergin of course!

Barnecked Lady said...

I HATE pokemon cards!!!!!

Beckie said...

AH HAAAA HAAAA HAAAA!!! We just threw out all of Zach's cards of every kind, they were everywhere, and then some. He was not pleased, and he still asks to buy some. Stick to your guns on this one, we have a no more trading cards ever rule!!!!

Q: What do you love the most about me?
A: Everything. Beckie you are the greatest person to ever live! Unselfish, pure of heart, funny, sassy, purrty, and you have one set of great legs and the knowledge and personality to rule the world in a strange but wonderful utopian society, based upon the techings of Jesus and Nobody. (K i wish I was describing me, but nobody, it's all you babe! Miss you!)

Sarah Tilley said...

there are certain things i've determined that henry must never try: cigarettes and pokemon. he already knows about cigarettes-- the other day he asked my sister if she was addicted. luckily he's never been allowed to watch an entire episode of pokemon; even if he had a valid reasons for wanting to i'd still say no. the whole pokemon thing is bad on so many levels, but i've banned it mostly because it sucks and freaking annoys the crap out of me.
question: if you could turn back time, what album would you NOT buy?
answer: that new kids on the block tape i got my sister for christmas because she asked me to. she only listened to it a few times before she decided she hated them and permanently shelfed the tape.

The Sabins said...

Whassup Nobody! This is me, your secret friend, saying hi. ;)

Tristen has yet to discover the wonders of Pokemon but he luvs some Ben10. But based on everyone's comments it appears this card discussion is something I have to look forward to!

Q: Would you rather have Kfed as your Daddy or Britney as your Mom?

A: I'd go with cheating Kev over might stab you in the middle of the night Brit I think.

Hope your computer is back on the up soon!

Suzanne said...

Wow, you handled that conversation much longer than I could have! So now I have it on authority that Digemon and Pikachu taste good! ;)

Sorry about your dying computer. Maybe it can hook up with our old dead car in the next life!

Hmm...a question!

What is your favorite breakfast cereal?

My Answer: Shredded Wheat with strawberries sliced on top.

If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would it be?

My Answer: Hawaii

What object would you most love to buy to put in your home right now?

My answer: A piano

I can't wait to hear your answers...that is, if your computer doesn't kick the bucket first!

Mamarazzi said...

i LOVE this game...not so much the whole answer your own question part, but i still love it. i always ask the same 10 questions. i have never answered them myself. until now...lucky you!

Q1. for what in your life are you most grateful.
My A. my family

Q2. if you were at a dinner party and were offered a dish you had never tried, would you want to taste it even if it sounded strange and not appealing?
My A. yep, but i like trying new things the weirder the better.

Q3.whom do you admire most? in what way does this person inspire you?
My A. my Mima. she is the best example of pure and unconditional love.

Q4. what would constitute a "perfect" evening for you?
My A. a hot uniterrupted bubble bath, a massage and total quiet to actually read a whole book cover to cover. oh and some yummy food and lots of chocolate that i don't have to share with anyone!

Q5.if you could change one thing about the way you were raised, what would it be?
My A. nothing, i think my folks did a really good job. that is the truth.

Q6. what do you value most in a relationship?
My A.integrity and humor

Q7. what things are too personal to discuss with others?
My A. i never discuss politics or religion...oh or money with people other than family.

Q8. what do you like best about your life? least?
My A. best:my little family!
least: my location

Q9. would you be willing to eat a bowl of live crickets for $50,000?
My A. hells yeah!

Q10. if you were quaranteed honest responses to any 3 questions, who would you question and what would you ask?
My A. my husband
1. should i color my grey hair brown?
2. does my fave pair of jeans make me look fat?
3. do you REALLY "love" my cooking?

FUN!! good luck, i can't wait to read your answers!

AndrewP said...

Blue Screen of Death, or BSOD? Oh, yes. Had it with a program recently.

If it's happening repeatedly and not triggered by a specific activity, it may be as simple and cheap to fix as replacing bad RAM.

J probably knows how to do this. Check out

I ran it myself recently to make sure my BSOD wasn't bad RAM.

Michelle Garff said...

My twins go to ebay and amazon several times a week plotting on their next pokemon card to buy. I refuse to buy them, but their father indulges them. He understands the whole obsession thing...since he passed it on to them.
Question...Are you ever going to write a book?
Answer...I don't know if you are, thats why i am asking you.

Physcokity said...

"I'm a pretty nice mom" classic

Pokemon is sinister.

Q: Your favorite time of the day?

Mine is just before bed.

How exactly did that Poke conversation end?

Tori :) said...

I'm betting you're still having the Pokemon conversation...
I'm being lazy so I can't/don't want to think of any questions. But for YOU I will.

Q: Would you ever by your 4 yr old Pokemon cards?
A: No.

Analiese said...

Q: Are you ever coming to visit me?
A: Yes, yes you are! How exciting! (just dreaming really).

Michelle - let me on to your blog sister!!!

Sketchy said...

Q: What's your favorite sappy 70's or 80's song?

A: "ewwwwwww ewwwwww ewwwwwwwwwwwwww I'm Missing Yeeeewwwwwww..."

Kim said...

If you are not blogging or calling me, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?????

omar said...

Fo reals, Nobo. Where are you? I could have crafted a computer out of spare microwave oven parts in the amount of time since you posted this.

ucmama said...

OK, so after we sat on your steps and talked for a few hours, I decided to look up your blog. I must say, you cwack me up too.
So here's your question:
Have you ever owned a farm animal?
My answer is yes. I had 2 giant male goats for awhile because I traded them for a truckload of firewood.