Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just As American Idol Is Ending...

Fact: Bo gradjee-ated from preschool yesterday.
Fact: My baby turns 5 tomorrow.

These two facts make my heart ache a little. I didn't feel sad at his graduation. It was hard to feel sad watching twenty 4 and 5 year olds singing and "dancing" on stage. But they had a makeup field trip to the zoo today, and saying goodbye to his teachers made me feel very sad. They are wonderful.

My friend Tiffany helped me make these really darling little boxes for Bo's teachers. I called her Sunday night for an idea, and she's all, "Oh, I just made the cutest thing..." This is why I have friends. I will NEVER answer any question, not matter what it is with, "Oh, I just made the cutest thing..."

It was the cutest thing and she totally made three of them, with matching cards, for me. I folded like, three things---actually, I "scored" them with a whale bone. Wait, did I make that up? I think I did. It's just called a bone I think. Anyway. She did everything. They were SO cute. I felt very cool and well put together giving them to Bo's teachers. One of his teachers started oohing and ahhing over it immediately. She loved it and asked, "Did you make this!?" I nodded proudly, without an ounce of shame that I was pretty much lying. I was about to sort of fess up and mention Tiffany, when Sweet Little Avee piped up in her sometimes crystal clear and loud voice, "Nooooo, my mom didn't make that! TIPPANY DID!"

I promptly swat her little tattling butt.

In the middle of writing this post I got blogger ADD and wandered over to Tiffany's blog and got the laugh and horror of my lifetime, all in one post. I wanted to steal some pictures she put up of J, but I felt like that was really just making things look better than they really are. So go and see the whole post. Please still be my friend when you are done.

And then I read this post written by my 15 year old niece. And it really made me laugh. This girl, I adore. She lives in England so I only get to see her for a millisecond in the summer, but in those brief moments, over the last few years I've gotten to see her sense of humor develop, and I'm convinced if she can be this funny at 15, by the time she's my age, she won't have any friends. They will all have died laughing. This post reminds me of a time one of my friends wrote "ultra" on her calendar to remind her of my upcoming ultrasound. Only, she forgot why she put it there and spent like 3 days trying her darndest to remember what ultra meant. You can't believe the things you can make ultra mean when you don't know what it means. :)

Bo hasn't been feeling well most of this week and hasn't been himself since a very late night camping with J on Friday night. I have been coercing information out of him like the nosey, prying mother that I am good at being. He hasn't complied. In the least. Only, tonight, he went to the bathroom and started calling out to me from the bathroom. Usually I tell him to take care of his business and then come talk to me. But since he's been so quiet lately, I just let him. He did not stop talking for 15 minutes straight. J was trying to watch Good Eats, one of his very few tv indulgences, and he couldn't. We'd think Bo was done, and he would just be pausing to wind up again. It was pretty funny.

Despite his location, I am happy to now know how his field trip to the zoo went, who he went with, and how he feels about school being over. The bathroom is a magical place in our home.

They are about to announce who won American Idol. Both of these David's are essentially from my hometown and Jay's hometown (next door neighbors), I just realized that tonight. We haven't watched a single episode of American Idol, but we must watch this finale. 5 years ago, today, my mom and J were watching Reuben and Clay battle it out. I was busy being tough, putting off an epidural. To the 2003 Nobody, "hang in there and you don't need to reward every minute of labor you experienced with a pint of Ben and Jerry's. The 2008 will curse you daily."

George Michael went from a sexy gay man who sings naughty songs you can't help singing along with, to uh....someone's dad. The hair? The glasses? You're gay GM, you can do better than that!

Oh yeah, and I totally love my kid's speech impediments. However short-lived they are.


Sarah said...

I have waited a long time to be the first to comment on your blog..yeahhh this is better than winning american idol :)

glittersmama said...

GM grossed me out. He seems to have changed a lot. blech

Next. Avee is adorable, and I love her short-lived speech impediments.

Mamarazzi said...

oh how i heart your blog, hanging on every word not knowing when the next little bit of goodness will be coming!

and the chibby bunny pics make me want to be your friend all the more.


and the fact that you try to pass ppls hand-goods off as your own...brilliant...i totally need to start doing that, it would be sooooo much easier!

Tori :) said...

"I can make fwee. Is dis fwee?"
How stinkin' cute is she???

Cindy said...

I love the boxes and cards that you (and tiffany) made. They are so cute. What a great idea. I am glad that Bo is feeling better. And as always, i love the stories and conversations you have with your kids. I hope one day they are as funny as you!

S said...

I have seen that face before:) And I am still yo friend. Happy Birthday BO! Oh what big hands you had! That was the BEST American Idol finale show. GM ruined it! He should have been first, so the show could have gone up from there. I really didn't care who won, I think at this point it doesn't matter career wise. But since KC/DC won this is the place to be. Zion:)

S said...

ps earth girl was I saw it yesterday. Something so wrong its right with that girl!

EarthBint said...

Aww shucks, you make me blush :)
My computer took about 10 mins to load that video, but it was so worth it. She's so stinkin cute. I can't wait for Bo's nonstop talking!

Millie said...

*shaking my tushie like GM*

This is why you need to start watching "Arrested Development" - one of the characters is named George Michael. It's so awesome.

Kim said...

bone folder
Happy Birthday and Happy Graduation!

Julie said...

I'm finally starting to catch up on blogs after 7 weeks...and you have officially made me snort out my nose onto my computer screen. (Pardon me while I go get a tissue.) I especially loved your post about your mom. Totally awesome. Are you sure you don't want to move back to Utah? Because I would love to have you and your hilarious kids in my neighborhood.

omar said...

Happy graduation and birthday to Bo!

Re: the video, Avee is cute, but my favorite part is where Danyo appears and then abruptly disappears in the background. :)

The Child Family said...

Glad you liked the boxes. It is a BONE FOLDER. Not to be confused with a Bone or a Boner. Geese.

Avee, your adorable. Can't wait for you to come and play again. Even if you can't remember you were here. :)

Bo, Congrats, Happy Birthday and I hope you feel better soon! :)

Tippany :)

Carrot Jello said...

I'm impressed your baby knows how to use the remote already.

Sketchy said...

So did Avery or did she not jump on the trampoline? Was that a cliff hanger to get me to watch the next installment of Avery Says? 'Cuz you know I would have tuned in anyway.

Awwww...Preschool Graduation. ::sniff:: At least you know you have at a minimum 2 more to go through. I'm done. That's what sadness is.

No Cool Story said...

I can make fwee!

I thought I commented on this awesome post. ALAS I did not.

HEY! What is Danyo doing? Was he trying to watch Alton cooking some good eats?

No Cool Story said...

I'm glad I'm your friend 'cause you got some smart friends.

No Cool Story said...

Hmm, only your other friends wash your clothes, send you Ben & Jerry's in the mail and make super cute things for the teachers.

Booo to me.

Suzanne said...

Happpy gradjee-ation to Bo!

You're right, it's kind of hard saying goodbye to the teachers, especially when they've done such a good job.

I love your kids' short-lived speech impediments. I still think our two 5-years would be a crack up together! :)

Carrot Jello said...

Did I miss the part where you said you were going on hiatus?

Anonymous said...

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