Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Better'n Knock Knock Jokes

Saturday morning I was still conked out on my bed when Bo climbed up into the bed and snuggled up against me. He's still a snuggler, but doesn't initiate much during waking hours, and usually gets beat to the punch by Danyo and Avee during my "conked out" hours.

I had forgotten how hilarious and unaware he can be when he's the first awake.

I am certain I was open mouthed, stream of drool, guttural snoring and he puts his mouth to my ear and whispers, "What does the Witch say when she's cold?"

Because I am a mother, and because since the day he was born six and a half years ago I have been compelled to respond to him no matter my state or coherency, I grunt, "Huh."

"Brrrrrrr-eeeeeeeeew!" Complete with a shiver and triumphant grin.

It didn't registered. I later remembered it being about llamas and soup.

Soon after, he offered another joke about a cow and what it says.

Again, I don't recall it.

So later, when we're all awake and lounging on our bed, I ask him to tell me the jokes again, so I can remember them. He is on a Cow Joke roll. And I have to say, where it lacks in actual humor, he makes up for it in sheer brilliance.

What did the cow say when he was sick?
I have the fluuuuuuuuuuuu.
What is the cows favorite thing to do?
Go to the moooooooooooovie.
What did the cow say before he went to school?
I can't find my shoooooooooooooe.
What is the cow's favorite thing to eat?
What did the cow say when he was sick, and it wasn't the flu?
I have crooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuup.

So, of course J and I add our two cents on bovine humor.

J, as always, wins the award for most....eh, you can come up with your own adjective, my adjective is mean and inappropriate among some crowds.

"What did the German cow looking for religious minorities say?"
Where are the jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeews.

We probably spent 20 minutes doing this. (I know, right!?)

Then, Bo's jokes got less careful. More creative, but less thought out on the delivery.

And finally when he asked, "What did the cow say about going to the zoo? I like the zoooooooooooo." We first laughed and made fun of him, and then pointed out that he had given away the cleverness of an answer, in the question.

So J says to him, "See, it's a good joke, you just have to say, where does the cow go to see lots of animals?"

And in all earnestness, Bo answered, "Africa?"


Sarah said...


Okay, is your son exceptionally funny or do moms enjoy kid jokes more than the adult population at large? Because I laughed at all of them.

Secod: Africa.

I love it.

Bubbles said...

What does a cow use to style its hair?


Heffalump said...

You know, the punchline to that witch joke could fit right in there somehow...

Barnes Blog said...

I'm pretty sure your family rocks!

Sarah Tilley said...

at least the cow with the flu didn't have to speeeeeeeew

Code Yellow Mom said...

I like how the cow before he goes to school sounds an awful lot like some five/six/seven-year-olds I know before they go to school. Or before they go anywhere for that matter. Very funny.

Did Timbuktuuuuuuuu come up in your twenty minutes of bovinity?

And I'm sorry to say that I laughed at the German cow, er, joke.

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Yvonne said...

Love it.

Let me just add morning time with kids on the bed is so fun--ENJOY.