Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Avee just discovered an entire bag of candy/cookies/treats yet unexplored. It's gonna be a good day! For starters, I don't have to make snacks or lunch because they will be gorging all morning...

On Friday I went to Bo's Halloween parade and class party. While there, another mother overheard me say Bo's name and said, "Oh! That's Bo! So he's the one who goes to tag with my son." I smiled and said, "Oh, they play tag together at recess?"

She stared at me for a nearly uncomfortable number of seconds, shook her head slightly as though to erase the picture of stupidity from her mind and said, "No, TAG, Talented And Gifted."

Then I laughed and almost said, "Oh yeah, he gets that from me."

But I didn't because I had no knowledge of Bo going to TAG, so she was either wrong, or I was seriously in the dark.

"I didn't realize Bo was in TAG. Isn't that something I would know about?"
"Not necessarily," she says, "You might just find out when report cards come home."

I thought this was odd. To be honest, I was sure the other mother was misinformed. Especially since her little Talented And Gifted was standing there with both of his legs in one leg of his costume and was sucking on his entire fist.

I thought of asking his teacher, but decided not to be the grossly misinformed busy-body parent who thinks her own nose picking, wall-licking baby is a genius.

On the way home I had some one on one time with Bo and asked him about it. I didn't use the word "TAG" because I didn't want him going to school and saying, "My mom wants to know if I'm in TAG" or something else. Contrary to prevalent evidence, I do have some pride.

I asked him if he ever went to another teacher's classroom to learn things. No.
Did he ever go somewhere else doing the day with just Billy and Jane? No.
Was he learning different things than the rest of his class at any point in his day? No.

I probably asked 2-3 more ways after that. I do have a track record of very poor communicating skills with Bo. For some reason, we tend to speak different languages on some matters.

Fast forward to Monday afternoon.

I was putting some books on the shelf when I noticed his library book that had been due that day. I turned to Bo and said, "Oh man Bo, I'm sorry, I forgot today was library day and you didn't have your library book to turn in."

I waited for his usual response to my regular blunders in his life. An immediate crumbling of his face, a pathetic whimper and a harsh accusation about my general abilities and constant attempts to ruin his life.

There was none of that. He barely acknowledged my apology. I offered more sympathy, "Did you just have to sit while everyone checked out a book?"

"Naw, it's okay Mom. I just went to Mrs. ______'s room instead, and I really like it there."
"Oh is that where you go if you forget your library books?"
"No. I just go there with Billy and Jane during library time."
"What do you do there?"
"Just stuff to get smarter."

I sat there staring at my little bundle of talented and gifted. First of all, he's been three times. Second of all, the two names he's mentioned were the two names I specifically asked him about on Friday when I interrogated him. Third of all, HE'S BEEN THERE THREE TIMES!!!!

I just started laughing. He asked me what was so funny. I said, "Do you remember me asking you on Friday if you went to any classes with ____ and _____. Do you remember me asking if you ever went anywhere to learn other things without your whole class? Do you remember this conversation?"

"Yeeeeeaaaaaaah, but...but, you didn't say Jane you said....uhhhh...."

"It's okay Bo, it's not a big deal. But it sounds to me like you should go to FAD, Forgetful and Dopey instead of TAG."

He thought it was funny at first, but not as funny as I thought it was. And I realized a tiny bit too late that as the mother, the adult, the mature one in the relationship, perhaps I shouldn't have done that. But boy oh BOY did it make me laugh.

A few minutes later Avee walked up to me, clearly distressed and moving her hands all over her torso in an effort to comfort herself. I thought it looked funny, but couldn't figure out what she was doing.
"Mom, I just squished myself."

I couldn't even get the words out for the laughing, but I was curious about what part of herself she squished.

Her whole body.

She had been sitting in a child size camping chair and it suddenly folded up, with her in it.

I love that rather than a chair folding or breaking, she squished herself.


Code Yellow Mom said...

I swore I'd never say this, but...

First?!? FIRST?!!!

Today IS going to be a good day!

It's very strange that they don't let parents know about TAG. (I have some choice insights to share sometime offline;)) Maybe it's because only the REALLY talented and gifted realize that they are in it. Hmmmm. I always thought it was called GT anyway. But you are in IOWA. That's an acronym in itself. :)

I love Bo and Avee. They are miniatures of pieces of your personality and it is hilarious.

ucmama said...

They TOTALLY get it from you.

And the school is supposed to let you know. M decided he didn't want to go to TAG anymore because it was just extra work there and then he had to make up what he missed in regular class. If that's not smart, I don't know what is.

MommyJ said...

It doesn't start until third grade here.

I only know that cause I have a third grader.

Today, in the car, henry saw a truck in the approaching lane and he said, "OH NO! The pruck will cruf us!" I don't know why he thought the truck was going to crush us. When has that ever happened?

And what does that have to do with the price of peanuts? Absolutely nothin.

Rebecca said...

hysterical.. as always.. squished herself.. that girl cracks me up.. as for you little einstein.. glad they are stepping it up for him.. call it TAG GATE PACE.. whatever it may be.. extra work for the smart kids.. but hey.. they get that from you!! Go Bo..

Kim said...

IOWA is an acronym and once you have been here you will know why...just ask my friend from Illinois

Klin said...

We take an IOWA test here. I'm betting my kids would claim its for the TAG classes.

I laughed out loud. Hubs made me attempt to read the post out loud to him.

You know what I love? That even half dead and tired from traveling across Nebraska he does remember you and he loves to hear about your kids now that he has met you.

Psst. I LOVE and I mean LOVE the Pinkalicious shot of Avee. Fabu to lous!

Andrea said...

I can't stop laughing.

Charlotte said...

I think it is against the law to even test them without parental knowledge. It has been every where we've lived so far. I loved how you found out he was in TAG in such a round about way. I find myself wondering all the time- Isn't that just what I asked? Half the time it is with my kids, the other half my husband.

mycurlyhairdays said...

What a post! It sure made me laugh!
Bo is definantly TAG! I hear it everyday from the backseat as he teaches my little angel princesses about Bakugon, boogers, bugs, etc...
But really, he is such a smart kid! (0:
Oh Avee! Poor thing! I sure love her!

Carrot Jello said...

I wish a chair could squish me. Unfortunately, I think if I sat on a camping chair, I would squish it :/

Suzanne said...

You were among the elite TAG and you didn't even know it! How on Earth did you manage it? I've tried for 3 straight years to get D into the Gifted and Talented program here and apparently I don't know the right people because even a recommendation from his teacher didn't work. You must reveal your TAG induction tricks to me! ;)

No seriously, that is really cool. I hope Bo has a great time! :)

Carrot Jello said...

I was going to come over here and sing a song with the word "Nobody" in it, but the only one I could find is one by Keith Sweat, and it's nasty.
So, I won't be serenading you tonight, but I will dance quietly with myself in the corner until you return.
Then I shall sit at your knee and listen to your wit and wisdom.

Sarah Tilley said...

that's weird that bo's in some special program at school and they didn't even tell you about it. maybe they thought you were special or something...