Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In Which I Think It's A Good Idea To Sit Down And Blog

One of the things I loooooooooove hearing out of my six year old's mouth is, "This one time, on Family Guy...."
This morning's recap was about Peter saying "That's baloney!" I felt my entire body tense up as I waited for Bo to repeat what he'd heard. Fortunately his grandmother even says that, so, no damage control necessary there. But J's still totally fired. I asked Bo when he watched it (because I am like a cross between a ferocious mother bear and a hawk when I hear Family Guy, South Park, or even Simpson's playing when the kids are awake). Bo answered, "October 18th, ha ha, maybe the 17th, I can't remember exactly." Not sure if I need him to be more specific or less. Either way, he cracked me up.

Yesterday was a "I don't want to be awake" day. I wasn't tired, per say, as much as I was lacking the will to function even one tiny bit. To my credit, I got two kids dressed and to school on time, one of them bearing snacks for her entire preschool. That, is awesomeness personified. Thankyouverymuch.

I came back home and put on Danyo's new best friend "Dora Dora" and snuggled under a blanket on the couch. I've been trying to read the same book for the last 3 weeks. I'm now on page 117. J has read 4 books in the interim, waiting patiently for me to finish this one and read "Catching Fire" so he can talk to someone about it. I'm passive aggressively punishing him for being able to read books that fast while I either can't tune out the kids, or can't stay awake long enough.

At 11:15 my friend knocked on the door. I stumbled off the couch in a stupor and opened the door. She apologized to me. That's how good I looked. It pretty much made me laugh the rest of the day that I, a mother of three, who should not have been sleeping on the couch ANYWAY, elicited an apology from an 11:15 visitor. I have nice friends.

In the past, when I've gotten blogstipated, I've just gone with it and waited for it to go away and haven't stressed. It usually only lasted a week or two.

We're going on about 5 months now. I don't really know what to do about it. I realized that I'm not exactly at my best lately, and I tend to not blog about the humdrum stuff. Also, I realized that Bo's school was a significant source of fodder for me last school year, and it's not this year. He has another really wonderful teacher and I've done as much as I can to eliminate his exposure to paras who were raised under the Nazi regime. Bo is doing really well school.

Actually, that leads me to a thought I've had recently. Last year when Bo was repeatedly being singled out and punished for either being a victim or for something that wasn't worth even noticing, two different people suggested that Bo's hair color might factor into his treatment.

It had never even occurred to me. Ever. And it was two people who's opinion and ideas I respect a lot. It actually made things make more sense. Maybe she thinks he's a problem child because she has a prejudgment on redhaired boys. Who knows? I certainly think some kids look like troublemakers more than others. I'm usually right though. :)

Anyway, last week I went to the YMCA to get my hospital discount attributed to my account. The YMCA lady was totally rude and tried to disregard me a couple of times to no avail. First I asked about the hospital discount and she said, "Yeah, but you need to have your badge." I had assumed I'd need to show a badge or a paystub, so I brought my badge. Because I knew where that was. She said it as though I wouldn't have brought it, and we were done.

So, I let her help another person and then said, "I have my badge right here, is there anything else you need?" She looks at the badge and says, "I don't know if that's going to work." I laughed when she said that. It was so blatantly stupid and lazy. She didn't want to deal with me, so she was contradicting herself to make it happen. As I laughed, out loud, I said, "You're kidding right---it's the badge you just said I needed!" Right then a friend who was sitting in the waiting area said hello and I turned to talk to him. I related my experience to him and then said, "She's always been unfriendly to me though, you'd think if you're going to work at the YMCA front desk, you'd make a little effort to be a people person."

Of course, I NEVER think it's about me. It's sort of what makes me totally cool. I'm never responsible for other people's stupidity. I'm rarely responsible for my own.

And my friend, jokingly I'm sure, suggested maybe she didn't like redheads. It was funny, but it got me thinking. Maybe there ARE more people out there with prejudices like that, than I ever considered.

I mean, people with mustaches make me nervous. Who's to say redheads don't do that to other people? What do you think? Do you think any unfavorable interaction I've had with someone my entire life is because of my hair color?

I wonder if there's some minority victim fund I could draw from. My life is hard guys.


Heffalump said...

And yet...tons of women dye their hair so they can be treated badly by the public at large as well! ;o)

I don't know what to say about the blogstipation. I have been there, for about the last couple of YEARS. I am good for Wordless Wednesday every week and sometimes that is it. I occasionally get inspired, but nothing like when I first started. I figure it's a times and seasons thing, and that I would regret it if I stopped blogging all together, so I keep up with it here and there and wait.
Think of it this way...blogstipation is better than diarrhea of the blog...just sayin'.

Rebecca said...

blogstipation.. thats hysterical... on that note.. I have IBS.. irritable blog syndrom.. and I post any and all random crap (excuse the pun)on my blog.. so forgive the never ending IBS.. I would rather have blostipation.. haa haa....
mustaches make me nervous.. you kill me.. I have always been a little scared of the red heads of the world.. just cause I know they have little plots to rule the world.. okay maybe not.. I do however shead a tear for those dish water blonde.. I mean.. who really wants dish water in their hair color, and that makes me sad for them.

Code Yellow Mom said...

It IS a good idea...:) This is a GREAT post.

And I had something clever to say but lost it. Shoot.

I don't know about red hair. I do know that people have problems with boys that act like intelligent active boys. Everyone wants milque-toast these days. Blech! :)

The hawk-bear with red hair that I am envisioning, though, would be someone definitely not to tangle with, let alone ask for a badge.

And Bo remembers DATES of when he watched things. That makes me laugh, too. A lot.

Beckie said...

I LOVE redheads! I wish I was one...I try as often as the boexed xolor willl let me. :) But I do have a paritality to it because mt Aunt and Uncle both have shocking red hair and wonderful freckles!!

Cindy said...

Am I going to see a family of blondes or brunettes the next time I see you?

mycurlyhairdays said...

I love this blog post. A friend mentioned your interaction with the Y lady. She is always weird to me, too. Weird lady.
But I have actually been thinking about the red hair thing. I have always LOVED red hair! I look at your kids and just ooh and aah and gush!
But think about it, when you see a trouble-maker kid in movies and on tv, so much of the time they have red hair and freckles!
People also think that red heads have major tempers, too. Interesting and very thought provoking!
PS RED HAIR ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pink Lady (aka Nobody's Mom) said...

I think you have hit the nail on the head! That could be the reason for all your problems both past and present....at last an answer! Actually, the real answer is---the other person is JEALOUS of your hair, 'cause only a dweeb doesn't think red hair is GORGEOUS!

Emily and Stephen said...

So I read "nobody made it to the gym" you are still my hero!

Sarah Tilley said...

i loved that you laughed right in her face.

Charlotte said...

I've been reading the blog of a RED HEAD?!? I feel so dirty...

Klin said...

I love red heads. It's not the color of their hair so much as it is the spunky, sassy attitude that seems to go with it.

I'm a loving the IBS.... irritable blog syndrome. That is why I haven't been blogging so much. It funny when I live it but when I go to retell it, it just doesn't have the same humor. So I just don't.

Tell J to call me. I am reading Catching Fire for the 2nd time. I will talk with him about it. This serious is better than Twilight! It is. Suzanne Collins is amazing. And the third book doesn't even come out til sometime next year. GAH!

I love you. I want to come hang with you longer and not after I drive through Nebraska, but before I head that way. It will help make the trip more fun.

Emily said...

I hear ya about trying to read with the rhythmic "Everybody scream! Say-It-Louder!" going on in the background. doesn't happen.

And also, I'm in J's club. I have been trying to get Nate to read Hunger Games for MONTHS!!!

Sherry said...

maybe... I am drawn to people with red hair. Many of my favorite friends have red hair.

Isn't it nice to have a reason? I always think people don't like me because I'm A LOT of woman... not because I can be overly sarcastic (witty) and grumpy.

Tori said...

Tall, redheads make me nervous.... Waaaaay nervous. :P
I miss you Nobo. :(
You can't talk about blogstipation. I am majorly blogstipated. BIG TIME. Can't think of a post to save my life. So... yeah... I need some fiber.