Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This Time--With Pictures!

Sooooo, I have a tendency to sit on the TV remote. A lot. Obviously I don't know I'm doing it---but I'd say anytime we are actively looking for the remote for more than 2 minutes, it is about 94% of the time, under my butt.

It's embarrassing.

However, at this point, it's more funny than embarrassing.

So at Avee's birthday party, our friends were leaving, and her little boy was looking for a toy he'd brought. J joked about the remote always being found under me, so maybe he should look there.

I told him to shut up.

We all laughed.

And then I said, "I think it's under YOU!" and made a huge scene, because wouldn't that be funny if it was under him after he called me out like that?

I leaned to push him aside to look under him and I hear the sweet little 7 year old boy say, "There it is! It's under you Nobody!"

I totally thought it was a joke. And I was about to be seriously impressed by his wit and comedic timing.

It was not a joke. The poor little boy's toy was resting peacefully, under my derriere.

Just now, I sat down to blog, just pictures, and J started looking for the remote. Even though I knew where it was and told him, and even though I'm not on the couch, he said, "Uh, could you just look under your rear for it, just to cut short on the time I spend looking?"

He'd totally be fired if he wasn't so cute. And funny. I have my standards.

I started this post to share the next video of Bo playing the violin. Turns out it was a big hit with the Grandma. But then I was looking through the folder the video is in and saw a handful of pictures that made me smile, so of course I have to share.

A couple of nights ago Danyo had a really late nap, so he wasn't ready for bed at the normal bedtime. So we let him putter around with us until about 9:30. I think the kid was born to be an only child. He was absolutely delightful and we just had a grand ol' time hanging out with him.
At one point, J put some pillows on the floor to lay down. Danyo who was happily playing across the room, got up and marched over to another pillow and made his place on J.

Yeah, this picture is one of 53 of the exact same shot.

Avee got this darling little sundress for her birthday. It's absolutely her. Only problem is, it's a sundress and it's still not really warm here. So, yet another dress we have to work around as we go out in the cold.

She discovered another use for it.

She was mad at me so she decided to really give it to me and hide in her dress.

Then when she realized I was getting pleasure from her pain she threw an air punch (once she'd freed her arms, and ran off downstairs where the grownups don't laugh and take pictures of very, very mad princesses.

Yesterday I was on the computer chatting with my sister when I looked down and saw this:

I mean, seriously? How long had he been sitting there, working his way through my new pack of gum?

Then I tried to get him to spit out what he had. He wasn't even remotely worried that I would be successful in that effort. He didn't try to get away, he didn't even take a defensive position.
He was right.

And finally: Bo halfway to his lucrative career as a musician...


Camille said...


Howertons in Iowa said...

That video of BO is AWESOME!!
It's not bad that I laughed, right?
He's so cute- you just want to squeeze him. And Danyo ties for this position.
Well, so does Avee. Wanna trade kids?

I love the picture of Avee hiding in her sundress, but her mad little face is the best. I can totally picture her air-punching you.
Man, your days are just fun!

And, could you look under your seat for OUR remote?
it is always lost here and I'm about to stick a location device on it. Getting up to change the channel is hard~

Heffalump said...

We've been missing a certain remote for a couple of years now. Now I know where to look!
All your kiddies are sure cute!

Code Yellow said...

That dress is almost as good as an invisibility cloak. :)

I can't believe Bo's playing something that sounds like something already! (I know kids who've been taking lessons for a long time and it still sounds like horror movie sound effects.) The bowing is classic.

And oh, Danyo. So sweet.

We lose our remote all the time, too. I've never looked under your butt for it, though. I'll remember that next time. :)

Charlotte said...

"This ones for you Grandma"- that is cute.

So no Princess and the Pea award for you, huh? I'm pretty sure your disqualified if you can't tell you're sitting on the remote. Don't feel too bad, I wouldn't make it either.

Cindy said...

Avee is loved by everyone here!! And is talked about often!! Someone Awesome must have given her that dress!!!

Bo is doing great with the violin. As soon as Parker heard him play he said, "Twinkle Little Star....BO." He had to watch it 5 times.

Remotes, can pretty much find anything under our rumps around here!! That was funny at Avee's party, though. That totally sounds like something that would happen to me!!

And as soon as Parker feels better...which I think might be soon. He needs his friend Danyo. Whenever he has to take a nap or gets into trouble he says, "Daddddy...DAAAANNNNYOOOO!" It is hard not to laugh!!

Very long comment..I am sorry!

jm said...

Bo is an awesome violin player. Good job buddy.

Carrot Jello said...

I like the dramatic pauses.

Mikelene said...

My favorite part of Bo's video:
the cheesy smile at the end. :) He is coming along, though.
At least Avee's "cloak" was a sundress. I was at YW the other night & one of the younger girls had on an actual cloak, over her school clothes. Yes, a cloak. And she flaunted the velvety purpleness of it. I had to not look directly at her, to keep from laughing. Makes sundresses in winter a little more bearable, huh?

Emily said...

Ooo. . . I was totally taken back to my suzuki violin teaching days - and I'm embarrassed to admit I found myself saying to the computer, "good circle bow! ah. ah. keep your first finger on the tape. great intonation! I liked how you hopped all your fingers to the A string but kept your nice umbrella. Ope, remember "hippopotomus" when you bow."

Tori :) said...

I love getting to hear you talk on the videos. Which reminds me... our dvr broke and it deleted everything... including you laughing and Danyo falling in the mud. I'm so sorry!! :(

So... Avee is pretty much awesome and Danyo and Livie could go into the gum stealing business together.

Mycurlyhairdays said...

Under your bum! I was laughing so hard that day, I seriously almost tinkled!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!
Thanks for sharing the movie of the music prodigy! We love him!

ucmama said...

This is hysterical!!! And according to all these comments, you could be sitting on a whole nest of remotes.

Have you ever lost anything REALLY good under your booty, like a cake, or a pet?

Klin said...

Everything lost around here is usually in the ginormous bag that I call a purse these days. You need a lot of crap for 6 kids :P

Bo is amazing. I clapped and every thinks I am weird. Oh, yeah. I am;)

omar said...

Mmm, Orbit gum....

I don't think I've mentioned it, but I love that Bo is learning the violin.

Lisa said...

We have seriously been missing a cordless phone for years. It's one of those sets that come with an extension for another room. Can you check on that for me?

Your kids are cute as always. Love the pillow pic.

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

I was cracking up so much, my wife asked me what I was reading. Then she was laughing too. My MIL (who lived with us for seven years) was always sitting on the remote. What was funny was, she would change positions and turn off the TV. She swore there was something wrong with the TV.
Thanks for stopping by my realm and commenting.

aubrey said...

i want ava to take some suzuki violin but can't justify that AND ballet. so i guess she won't be a musical genius after all.