Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaaaaack

That's the good news.

The bad news is: I have nothing to blog about.

That's never stopped me before though.

It's Avee's birthday next week. I'm trying to decide if I want to have a little party or just have cake and ice cream with the family. All she cares about is the cake---so I'm considering just going with that and saving myself the trouble.

Bo has been focusing on earning money lately. He doesn't have any particular purchase in mind, but he's very intent on saving up for something big. The other day was Popcorn Day at school and they get a little bag of crappy popcorn for 50 cents. He came down the stairs in the morning and said, "Mom, I have a problem. I'm trying to save my money for something big, but I'd really like to get popcorn today and it costs 50 cents."

I'm a bad mom because that stuff TOTALLY works on me. "Here sweety, here's $20, buy 40 bags of crappy popcorn." Seriously, that's what this kid does to me, and I'm only barely exaggerating. I tried to get J to save me and be the parent with backbone so I said, "What do you think Dad, could we just give him the money for popcorn?" I totally expected J to say, "Yeah, sure." But instead he said, "How much does it cost?" I ended his involvement quickly before J did something crazy like deprive my baby of crappy popcorn.

Then, the next day Bo found 5 one dollar bills on top of the tv. He said, "ooooh, I wish that was my money!" In that way that kids say things like, "I wish I could have something cold and creamy from the freezer that's flavored chocolate, but I don't know what it is..."

When that didn't do the trick, a few minutes later he lovingly caressed the ones and said, "If you wanted to give me this money, I wouldn't mind, I wouldn't mind at all."

I secretly love his obsession with money because I think he'll have worked out a lot of kinks by the time it matters. Kinks that many of us as adults, still don't have worked out. Plus, my cute little niece was like this when she was his age and now she is like the queen money saver of England at a mere 15 years of age.

We're trying to think of something fun to do over Spring Break. If anyone knows of anything family friendly and fun, anywhere in the state of Iowa, or Illinois. Or Nebraska. Or....Wisconsin? Let me know. Keep in mind, we have a 5 year old, an almost 4 year old, and a 21ish month old and we really don't like having to watch them. A lot. We're considering one of those indoor waterpark thingy-ma-bobs and even J's game (he's the biggest vacation scrooge of all time) but I think I'm not. I'm terrified of one of my kids drowning, so I imagine all day at a waterpark would be ulcer-making material.

Well, since I have nothing to say, I may as well use the time to get some ideas from y'all.

Two thing: One, I need to spice up my ipod. It's El Lamo. So, I want from anyone who reads this, your top 5 picks for your own ipod, mp3, walkman, boombox, what have you. If you have 10 must-haves, go ahead and list them. But try to do at least 5. Even if you've never commented here, I want to hear it. You can do it anonymously if the soundtrack of your life is as ridiculous as mine and you don't want to be outed.

Nextly: We are in the market for a new digital camera. Two things that are important to us: Rechargeable battery, video taking capabilities. My friend has one I love and would buy in an instant, but it's like $400 and I just don't think I want to spend that much on something that may or may not end up in the toilet the day after I buy it. Do you have one you love? Any ideas?

Aren't you glad I'm not sick anymore and I'm clogging up the blogwaves with such scintillating writing?



Mrs Lemon said...


Mrs Lemon said...

Okay - about the digital camera - I'm totally in love with my HP. I've had 2, and it's very easy to use. Get one 7mp or higher. It's worth it.

ucmama said...

Dude, Bo is totally getting ripped on the crappy popcorn. My kids only pay $.25. Maybe we're really poor though and they're on the reduced price crappy popcorn program.

And what? You didn't like my vacation ideas?

Word Girl said...

The digital camera we own and most of my siblings and parents- Casio EX-Z1050 (although I think there is a newer # instead of 1050). I think it cost $150 and it is 10.1 mega pixels. Takes great videos and great pictures. My bro is an internet pro searcher (he has one) but if you need a link(to buy one), let me know.

Cyndi said...

I would have to recommend the Nikon Coolpix S710. It is a little spendy ($300) but I don't think you'll be disappointed. If not that one, any of the Nikon coolpix that does what you want in the 8 to 10 megapixel range. There are some good quality ones for about $150. Let me know what you get.
My top ten music picks on my Ipod:
1. Make you Feel My Love, ADELE
2. Chasing Pavements, ADELE
3. It'll be Alright, Deon Blyan
4. The Way I Am, Ingrid Michaelson
5. Write you a Song, Plain White T's
6. I'm Yours, Jason Mraz
7. Colors, Kira Willey
8. Bubbly, Colbie Caillat
9. You are the Best Thing, Ray LaMontagne
10. Sweet Pea, Amos Lee

Andrew does the same thing with money only he doesn't want to earn it. Only child syndrome!
I don't have any kid friendly ideas for vacation, but there is a really cool house/museum in Spring Green, WI called House on the Rock. Garrett and I saw it on our honeymoon and loved it! The waterpark sounds fun, though!

Michelle Garff said...

Human by The Killers
most country music
Lean Like A Cholo by Down AKA Kilo
Jack Johnson
Nickel Creek

rychelle said...

I just bought a new Sony Cybershot. It was at Sam Club and was around $250. It is a really nice camera and the pictures are EXCELLANT! and it has all your wanted features. I'll post music Later!

Mrs. Organic said...

How back are you willing to go for music suggestions? 80's, 90's, now?

Adolescent Family said...

We also have a Sony Cybershot. LOVE it! Its super convenient to use and small enough to put in your pocket, since I KNOW you don't have a purse. :)

Music...Country stuff. Unless you need workout music. Then you gotta go with something more peppy.

seven said...

Camera: I have a Sony something... it cost me $129 and it's a 7.1 mpx. I was using it wrong for a long time and the pictures were fuzzy, but I fixed the settings and they look great now. There happen to be a couple of pics I took with it up on my blog, right at the top, right now, so you're welcome to go check them out.

As for music...
My top 10 would probably be (in no particular order):

Dr. Dog
She & Him
The Weepies
Noah and the Whale
Judd & Maggie
Rufus Wainwright
Emmylou Harris
The Avett Brothers
The Parson Red Heads
Andrew Bird
Laura Hocking

(I lied, that was 11.)

There are tons of free mp3s on Amazon, and also has a huge section of free mp3s.

Noise Trade is another cool source-- You can either name your price or give them 5 email addresses and download whole albums for free.

Sarah said...

These are all over the place but make a great random selection for easy listening. From get up and go to chillax.

Once in a Lifetime -- Talking Heads
Wish You Were Here -- Pink Floyd
The Girl from Ipanema -- Stan Getz
The Gambler -- Kenny Rogers
Sun is Shining -- Bob Marley
And She Was -- Talking Heads
Against the Wind -- Bob Seager
Bittersweet Symphony -- The Verve
Illegal Smile -- John Prine
Lay Lady Lay -- Bob Dylan

Howertons in Iowa said...

Okay, So I think you should have a BYOI (Ice-cream) for Avee's party and have it outside- We don't really want to come to a party, but we are really wanting to get out of the house, and I think you are pretty cool!
If you think I am inviting myself and it's okay, then I am. BUT if you think I am inviting myself and its NOT okay, then I am not.

and for Spring Break fun - Uh Duh - Iowa 80 truckstop!! Hello! Only the coolest truck stop in the country and it's right here IN Iowa!! No big waterslides for potential drowning, just a bunch of pervy truck drivers- seriously.

good luck on the music thing- mine sucks too, so I'll just leave it at that.

and I have an okay Digital camera, but it was like $400. I have a friend who really likes it and as soon as I convince my husband to buy me the $900 one on ebay, I'll give it to her. Maybe you could work out a sweet deal like that or something :)

So glad you are back!! For REALS!

Bubbles said...

Olympus makes a good digital camera.

Summer Rain-Belinda Carlisle
I Wouldn't Beg for Water-Sheena Easton
Where've You Been-Kathy Mattea
Shades of Michelangelo- Belinda Carlisle
Trainwreck-Sarah McLachlan
Fallen- Sarah McLachlan
It Matters to Me-Reba
Love Without End, Amen-George
All I Need is a Miracle- Mike & the Mechanics

Klin said...

About the 50 cent popcorn. Can't ya just buy your own popcorn machine? It's all the rave in my neck of the woods. They are cute and on the smaller side, but popcorn would be the main source of my children's dietary intake, so I won't be getting one for a while.

No Cool Story said...

Next you are going to tell me I take aspirin...

Avee's birthday? Aww man, she's growing too fast.

You are a good mom because I so did not buy any crappy popcorn from the kids' school. Evoh.
So yeah , pat yourself on that one.

I took some nyquil about 30 minutes ago, so this is comment is taking way too long. And I am having to delete/fix too many words.

Delete was the worse to fix ;P
Read ya tomorrow when I am more coherent.

Code Yellow said...

K, I'm calling you with Spring Break ideas. I groove on things like that. Water parks are actually ideal for kids who have moms who are afraid of them drowning. There is usually a shnazzed up toddler area with giant showers and buckets that dump intermittently and water that is only five inches deep. Easy Peasy and they are thrilled forever. Also, look up Family Fun online. THey alwyas have regional ideas for lots of age groups.

Can't help with the iPod cuz I don't have one and haven't listened to anything except skinnamarikadink for months. OK, that's kind-of a lie, but really, I couldn't tell you anything cool if I tried. So good luck.

Just do the cake. And be sure to post about it. That keeps me happy for YEARS.

Give Bo a dollar.

And about the camera - we love(d) our FinePix. It's sleek, small, easy to use, takes good video, and can be refurbed for not too much money after it gets dropped at the beach (or in the toilet). It's more expensive than your average point and shoot, although I think the price is steadily going down, and I think things like cameras are always better to go a little higher in price for the quality - you can spend $50 a year for ones that stop doing what you want them to do, or $200 for something that lasts and performs for five or six years quite nicely.

But I'm kinda crazy like that about cameras. And strollers. :)

steffj89 said...

ok on the cameras....
I have a Samsung L200 and my husbands (my hand me down) is also a is 10.1 mp and the other 10.2....both take amazing pictures offer tons of options includung the short video, and the first one was 150 2 years ago and the second was 99 the day after thanksgiving...
Wal Mart has the L200 for 129 every day.
Honestly right now to spend over 150 on a camera unless you are a photographer is kinda on the silly side because the prices are drpping between 50-100 over the course of a year....also the major mp dSLR's are going to expand hugely w/ in the next 2-3 years....
Both of my parents have Fuji Fine Pix. My dads is an 8 and moms is a 10. Hers does not offer as many features as my samsung, but it super easy to just plug and go
on the samsungs the battery on the L200 is rechargeable w/ either elec or USB port.

dont have a clue on the vacation thing....

Tori :) said...

Bo is awesome and I shall make him my bff so when he's rich he'll share...

My tops 5 picks?? Aaack, I have like 500 songs on there!
I really like:
"I Miss You" by Incubus

"Stolen" by Dashboard Confessional

and I really like all my Will Smith. I know that sounds totally dork but his songs are fun. "Miami" "Gettin' Jiggy Wit it" "Hitch"- "Hitch" is a fave for working out to.
I have a ton of Muse and did before the whole Twilight craze. I also have NKOTB.

Julia said...

Cameras- I am very basic about cameras, so I can't offer any suggestions there. We usually go by what Cons. Reports suggests. We get paralyzed by purchase decisions (and paint color selections).

Play lists- I don't use an ipod regularly, but I like Los Lonely Boys when I happen across one of their songs. There is one that reminds me of the music on the radio in Hawaii- can't think of the name of it. I like old Van Morrison music, too. Susan Tedeschi sometimes, too. But what am I talking about, when do I get to pick what I listen to? I'm a slave to kids tv! I actually prefer "quiet" now to any noise at all- when did that happen?

EarthBint said...

hey i'm 5'8!! :D here's my favourite songs at the moment...

carrie underwood- while we're young and beautiful/ last name
taylor swift - love story/ change
paramore - hallelujah/ crushcrushcrush
MULAN SOUNDTRACK :) that can add to your el lamo-ness but i like it :)
newton faulkner is generally awesome, and jason mraz, nerina pallot, paramore, goo goo dolls, maroon 5... :)

Tiffany said...

Welcome back to wellness world, I missed you!

Millie said...

Amen on Will Smith.

Glad you're feeling better. :)

Aunt Emily said...

I & Q's school sells popcorn, candy, cookies, and cotton candy every week. They're really cheap, but I never buy anything for them. They get two bucks a week but they are always saving for Lego or whatever. Anyway, once Grandma Cheryl sent them each $5 and Quinn bought the cotton candy. Then he wrote her and said he regretted buying it, because they weren't as good as her cookies and now he's out of money. SMART KID. She sent us an entire box of homemade Grandma Cheryl cookies. So... there's a lesson in there, I think. I'm pretty sure, anyway. :-)

Plain Jame said...

There is only one compact camera to own. The Canon PowerShot SD790SD (or 850SD - it's about the same thing).
You can take pictures or AWESOME video and it's great color and features. Brand new less than $200 right now!!!! I own 3 canons. LOVE THEM ALL.

I am loving the Cary Brothers - they do a mean cover of "if you were here", the famous song on the end of 16 candles. AMAZING.

No Cool Story said...

On Broadway.

Carrot Jello said...

Yodeling on the dance floor - Kerry Christensen
My Baby Chicken yodel - Kerry Christensen
Appenzeller Yodeling milkman - Kerry Christensen
Alma 22
Streets Of Laredo - Marty Robbins
Sink The Bismark - Johnny Horton
Sir Duke - Stevie Wonder
If I were a boy - Beyonce
Hot N Cold - Katy Perry
My Life Would Suck Without you - No really - Kelly Clarkson
Potential Breakup Song - Ally and AJ
Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne (remix with Lil'Mama ONLY)
Run it - Chris Brown
Lose My Breath - Destiny's child
Any Dream Will do - Joseph and the amazing techincolor dreamcolor
Bring em out - Hawk Nelson
Holding Out For a hero - frou frou probably don't want my whole list, do you?

Yvonne said...

Nothing to blog about???? You must be kidding.

I have the lamest playlist of anyone, so I'm sure you don't need mine--looks like you've got some good ones from others.

I think the Canon PowerShot SD1100IS is a great little camera. We got one at BestBuy for $199. It's 8 MP and does a great job.

Sarah Tilley said...

here's 20 random ones that put me in a good mood:

1. do the brown nose- the dead milkmen
2. freight train boogie- doc watson
3. bill i love you so- the 5th dimension
4. does your mother know- abba
5. walk like an egyptian - bangles
6. sabotage- beasty boys
7. penny lane- beatles
8. allentown- billy joel
9. three is a magic number- blind melon
10. rapture- blondie
11. we've only just begun- the carpenters
12. love song- the cure
13. time after time- cyndi lauper
14. reflections- diana ross
15. love is a stranger- eurythmics
16. wishlist- pearl jam
17. time in a bottle- jim croche
18. rainbow connection- kermit the frog
19. going to california- led zeppelin
20. we have all the time in the world- louis armstrong

Super L said...

1) Galleon--Eliza Wren Payne (downloadable on amazon)
2) Re:Stacks--Bon Iver
3) Midnight Train to Georgia--Gladys Knight and the Pips
4) A Fuego Lento--Rosana
5) Gyil Song --Daniel Henderson (I'll send you that one free of charge--it's my brother :)