Thursday, March 26, 2009

Four Years Ago Today

Four years ago today, it was a lovely Spring Saturday and we lived in Provo Utah.

Our friends came to get in one last good visit before we entered the whole man on man defense of parenting. Avee was due in 5 days.

Jay had about 3 more weeks of classes before he graduated from college. He was taking 24 credits, working about 35-40 hours a week, and worked evenings and nights on the weekends at a retirement center, soothing the elderly with dementia and promising to call the mayor about the birds who were freezing outside.

It was a very hectic time for him, but fortunately Bo has always been a good kid and my pregnancy with Avee was one of the easiest pregnancies of all time. I'm sure of it. Except for those people who go into labor and never knew they were even pregnant. I bet those pregnancies were easier.

My mom flew out in the beginning of March to help me with the transition from one child to two, and help while J finished out school.

In case you haven't picked up on it from my blog---my mom is awesome---and she makes everything better and I can do anything if she's around. Actually, everything gets done when she's around, and I don't have to do anything---but the other sounds more flattering, for both of us. I can remember counting the weeks, days, hours before she came. And it was everything I hoped it would be.

Until March 20th. She had spent the night with horrible pains in her stomach, and because I'm selfish and didn't want her issues deterring her from helping me with my issues, I made her go to an Insta-Care. Two minutes after the nurse took her back, the doctor came and got me and brought me back to her room. He said that she had a lump the size of a grapefruit (or was it a softball?) in her abdomen. He was fairly certain it was colon cancer, based on her recent, severe anemia. One of the only symptoms of colon cancer.

I actually dropped my mom off at the ER, per the doctor's instructions. There are moments in your life that when you are in them, you don't realize how incredibly stupid you are being, but when you look back, you'd give anything to do it over. And do it differently. I wished more than anything I hadn't dropped my mom off.

I had a 22 month old baby who needed a nap, and in true Cheryl fashion, she insisted I take him home for his nap.

I wish I had stayed.

Long story just slightly less long: She had a cancerous tumor removed from her colon the following Tuesday.

I waddled my pregnant self to the hospital as regularly as possible, with and without Bo. While Bo was a good boy, that doesn't mean he didn't often act like an ape on crack. He was

I have little to no memory of seeing J during that week. He was so incredibly busy.

Friends and family came and called all the time. Sometimes at 6 in the morning. And regardless of who you are or why you are calling, that kind of thing requires me to give you a what-for.

My mom was recovering beautifully. Her spirits were high, she was making fun of the older men on her floor who walked the floors in their gowns, letting all their backsides enjoy the breeze. That was until someone kindly told her, she herself was leaving little to the imagination on one of her walks.

Laughing hurt, but she laughed a lot. And then yelled at you for making her laugh.

I may get in trouble for telling this story, but to this day, it makes me laugh. One day she was sort of fading in and out of sleep and was getting so annoyed by a loud, buzzing/growling sound being made by one of the machines in her room. She wished they'd turn it off so she could get some real sleep. She almost even called someone to help her, when she jerked fully awake and realized the sound was actually her snoring.

Back to the lovely Spring day 4 years ago today....
We had a delightful afternoon and evening with our friends and the evening ended too soon.

Within an hour of them leaving I started having mild contractions.

I drove myself to the hospital at 3 am because the contractions, while still somewhat irregular (10 minutes, then 8, then 17) were more painful than I remember Bo's ever getting....

The rest: Four Years Ago Tomorrow----tomorrow.


ucmama said...

Thanks for making Avee!

Beckie said...'s a To Be Continued story.

What a sweet story, your mom sounds awesome and I am glad it's 4 years today, you should get her a colon cake or one of those baby diaper cakes. That would be funny.....well it would be funny to me.

Analiese said...

I remember visiting with you just a few days after Avee was born and your Mum was at your home and we talked all things thyroid. ha ha.

Howertons in Iowa said...

so either you are continuing this story on purpose, or in true Avee fashion, she is wreaking havoc and made you leave your blogging.
Either way, I will be tuning in to what I can only imagine is the best birth story ever- cause have you seen her eyes. She's got a story to tell and you started it!!

And thanks for the heads up- I will promise to do my darndest to never call you before 6 am :)

Barnes Blog said...

You Suck! I want to hear more. You'd better hurry and rectify whatever situation it is that caused you to continue this story till tomorrow. I heart you...but not so much right now.

Mrs. Organic said...

What a great story - I think being pregnant, you get a pass for not doing that day just as you would have wanted.

Plain Jame said...

Did you have a baby on March 26th too? (I'm a little confused).. I posted a very similar post to this just today too!!!

Mycurlyhairdays said...

We weren't there 4 years ago, but we are here now! I am so glad!
We can't wait to see her tomorrow in all her birthday glory!! (gold bra and all!)
PS Your mom is awesome!

Sarah Tilley said...

wow, you drove yourself to the hospital? i wish i were that awesome, but even if i were, with a nine month pregnant gut i had to scoot the seat back and then my short legs couldn't reach the gas and brake pedals anymore.

and i hate it when it hurts to laugh and someone makes you laugh and then you have to laugh some more because for some reason it's funny that you can't laugh because it hurts.

and that would be totally sweet if you got avee a gold strapless bra for her birthday.

Michelle Garff said...

just get Avee a gold elastic headband and call it good. and your mom rocks.

MommyJ said...

i remember the first time I heard this story I totally thought it sounded like it could be made up. Because seriously... when does stuff like that actually happen?

But it did happen. And I'm glad it happened to you because you've made it funny. That sounds horrible. I'm not glad your mom had colon cancer. That's just stinky. But she's good now though, right?

Should I just stop while I'm ahead?

S said...

ya mom has a way about getting one to leave when she needs you the most. Dang her! Don't forget the shopping list J had to get:) Oh and today is here can I get the rest of the story now?

Code Yellow said...

I love your mom. :)

Your labor stories are so drive yourself to the hospital, you have a cheescake factory extravaganza while in labor, J's lobbying for freezing birds (and bringing home bacon)...shoot. You make it sound so fun. He, he, he.

Wanna come to my labor day party in London? I don't know what day it will be yet, but you and your mom are invited. :)

Sals said...

ok so i have been catching up on your blog... i've been lazy since i've been pregnant and haven't done as much blog reading/stalking as i should be doing - you always give me a good laugh... - check out my latest post to see who analiese and i got to have a good laugh with last night! wish you could have been there!

Charlotte said...

Your birth story is fascinating and you just started the labor. Can't wait to read the rest.

Tori :) said...

You dropped her off? Lol- I'm sorry, I'm not laughing AT you I'm thinking I would have done the same thing at the time bc our brains don't wrap around the idea that our moms NEED us. They take care of US, no the other way around...
I'm glad your mom is ok and is awesome.
YAY for AVEE!!!! Avee for President!!

PS. I am awaiting your comment on my private blog. I live for your comments so make it good.

Klin said...

Love the story about your mom. My mom has me take her to things so I would stay- now. When I was pregnant it would have depended on how I felt, cause I did not have easy pregnancies.

I love how you tell stories.

Emily said...

I love hearing that story. Especially knowing that after all the drama, chaos, and medical emergencies, it all turned out okay. Babies always know right when to come - don't they.

Four years ago. . . is Avee really that old already?

omar said...

Is J superman?

alicia said...

That was a good evening! You guys are still our favorites to play Settlers with. Why do you have to live so far away?

Plain Jame said...

PS - my favorite part "..acted like an ape on crack".

I have to steal that and use it.
because it rings so true in my life.