Monday, July 9, 2007


(For some reason, Blogger is being rude to me and won't let me enter a title on my posts. It is also turning my pictures into little red X's a day or two after I post. If anyone has any ideas why they are picking on me, let me know. On with the post....)

When I was pregnant with Bo, a friend sent me a huge stack of burp clothes (those generic white ones) and warned me I'd need a lot of them. I waited and waited to put them to good use, but never did.

My kids aren't spitters. They are cry hysterically and uncontrollably and then belch themselves into oblivion-ers. But they aren't spitters.

I knew enough to not assume with #2 and #3, but they've remained consistent non-spitters.

And so I've never owned burp clothes. With all the accouterments that come with one child, it felt good to have one less thing I needed.

About 10 days into little Danyo's turn on Earth, I started realizing I was going through blankets fast. And clean clothing was passing quickly. As was a nice smelling neck. His, not mine.

He's not a spitter, he's a drooler. Only when he's eating. Because, the task of actually swallowing what he sucks out of the bottle is just too much.

Shortly after this realization, I got a package in the mail. Inside were two ADORABLE pieces of cloth and a big ol' bottle of baby lotion. The kind with shea butter and the scent that makes perfect strangers stop and inhale the top of your baby's head. Because smelling other people is perfectly normal behavior in Texas.

And now, things are as they should be with the Nobodys. Nice smelling necks, sufficient supply of clean blankets, and burp clothes to wipe away the spittle and protect that nearly nonexistent, wobbly little neck.

And a few days later when a lady at church was feeding my precious drooler and asked for a burp cloth, I deftly swooped down into my diaper bag and handed over with pride, one of my two very cute burp clothes. Which was much more gratifying than staring dumbly and saying, "Uh, he don't rully speet up."

So, THANK YOU SUZANNE!!!! I love them, they are very handy, and I loved getting a package from you.

In all honesty though, my favorite part about it all is telling people, "I got these from a girl I met on the internet." Next to having a smelly-necked kid, that gets the most interesting reactions from people.


S said...

Its amazing what you find on the internet these dazes. My baby is a drooler...whats the deal is it the fad.
ps ncs i am first first first!

In love with my wife said...

Too cute!
I had one projectile spitter so I was all prepared when the next one came along. He never spit up, ever. I was so confused!!

glittersmama said...

Blogger was being stupid to me too with my dumb titles...I guess I should go check my older pictures.

Leslie said...

hooray for burp cloths and ladies at church who want to hold babies.

and blogger is doing the same title thing to me too, but only when i compose a post on my desktop computer. if i use the laptop, there be no problems. :)

Carrot Jello said...

Hmmm..."burp clothes" eh? I need to get me some.

Breit Mama said...

Keep those burp cloths handy! My nephew is just three and after much coaching/reminding, he has just realized that you are actually supposed to swallow that liquidy stuff in your mouth.

On a side note: Is it safe to be giving out your address to people you have never met before? One minute they are sending nice little cutsie gifts to your bundle of joy, the next minute ..........

Lisa said...

My children both spit up so much that I had to line those water proof pads all over the floor so they could roll around and puke freely. And remember, if your kids is a spitter, don't leave the remote on the floor. They will puke on least ours did.

Sketchy said...

Those are cute...maybe I need to have a baby so I can have a reason to have some oh so cute baby spit rags around...

Anonymous said...

My oldest was a projectile vomiter. So I sold him on eBay.

Anne Bradshaw said...

The picture problem may be something to do with size of photos. I had same thing happen if I tried to upload them without downsizing first. Give it a whirl and see what happens.

Oh, and do check out my contest while you're messing with blogs :-) the prizes are fabulous.

The Lazy Organizer said...

I'm having the same problem with blogger. When it's doing the title thing I close that post and paste into a new one that WILL let me add a title.

I have to go back and add the photos again after every post too. The second time seems to be the charm.

I think a lot of this has to do with the new save feature. Ya think?

Suzanne said...

Yay! I'm glad you like them! I like the patterned ones for church too. At home I've always used the plain white ones, but that's no fun for church!

And no Breit Momma, I'm not going to turn into a crazy psycho blog stalker! Well, unless Nobody keeps saying nice things about me! Hmm... J.K. :D

megachick said...

we didn't buy any burp clothes in preparation for our first baby. after doing her best linda blair impression all every day for the first week, we went out and bought bulk packs of plain washcloths.
i am still amazed that she actually kept any food down at all.