Thursday, July 5, 2007

All That I Know

So, I was just perusing the pictures taken immediately after Danyo's birth. I was enjoying the pictures of things I was too out of it to have any memory of occurring. (I have no memory of posing for pictures, but clearly, I did.)

I noticed that J had taken a picture of the scale when Danyo was put on it to be weighed. It showed the grams, which were of course Greek to us. And we waited patiently for the conversion to pounds announcement. They told us 8 pounds, 7 ozs. And we believed them.

"Actually, almost 8 pounds, 8 ounces," they said.

"Wow, that's a big'n!"

"Hey Nobody, good work! That's great! A few ounces less and it probably wouldn't have been that noteworthy that you just BIRTHED AN ENTIRE CHILD."

You know, the usual.

So, being the random person I am, I decided to google the conversion of grams to pounds. And I punch in the 3848 grams that we have a picture of to prove. And guess how much my son weighed at birth? Well, google it yourself and you won't have to guess. Keep reading, and I'll tell you.

8 pounds, 4 ounces.

WHAT is THAT!?! All that I thought I knew has been shaken. My child did NOT in fact weight 8.8. How could they do this to me? I'm seriously doubting everything. Was he really 19 and three quarters inches long? Was he really a boy? Was he really mine!? I can't help but to doubt it all.

Particularly now, the scale when I stand on it. I just knew that had to be wrong.


EarthBint said...

Hahaaa, I like that last line :-)
By the time I got to the conversion site, I forgot the number...
Are they allowed to do that? I mean REALLY!

Hey I'm first, yay!
8 more days 8 more days 8 more days

Alicia said...

First, you look beautiful!

Second, don't these nurses understand that we tell everyone we know, put it on announcements and identify our child initially with this information? This should be taken more seriously.

No Cool Story said...

I'm so glad I kept on reading you post. Not even with my super math calculations of converting grams to pounds (who can even comprehend all that?) I didn’t even know if I should use my fingers or my toes to figure that one out
How do you look so beautiful right after giving birth? Is that really you?

Anyway, this is a shocking expose if you ask me. Mom will now have to come to delivery rooms with their own weight, in pounds mind you.
Hey! Maybe that was my problem. I needed to bring my own weight.

Carrot Jello said...

Wow, you had some time on your hands, eh? LOL
Cute picture! I didn't look that cute after I had my baby.

Rebecca said...

serious posing with the baby.. I tried to do that.. but it never worked and you magically get a beautiful shot.. I guess its just that natural.. As for Danos weight.. I always thought something was a bit off.. I mean I held him and in my mind I was thinking.. no way he's 8lb 8 oz.. but who's gonna aruge with a woman that just gave birth.. though you didn't look that rough!!

glittersmama said...

Alright, don't hate me because this is the first comment on your blog. I found you from NCS. Math is a big part of my job, and so I did some calculations. There are roughly 2.2kg in a pound so your cute baby weighing 3848 grams (3.848kg) weighed 8.4656lbs. Because there are 16oz in a pound, he did in fact weigh 8 lbs and 7.4496 ounces. I'm a geek, I know it, and I hope you don't hate me now. But there is definitely no disputing how adorable he is!

Please don't banish me.

glittersmama said...

Um, I'm now feeling a little (a lot) sheepish because I have commented before on your daughter's swimming expeditions.

Maybe we can just start over.

Tori :) said...

What the heck??
He was probably longer than that too. They always measure wrong. My kids start out at 19" and then in 2 weeks they grow 2.5". I think not...

I bet you could sue. Think of the money spent on INCORRECT birth announcements... ;)

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

You really do look great, BTW. I put on make-up and did my hair and everything for my kids' births (scheduled) but good grief, I never looked that good.

4 ounces, and somehow you're not a hero anymore? Oh, stop it.

Nobody said...

Okay, we all know we blog for the sheer joy of blogging, but I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed these comments. :)

Earthbint: Betcha I'm more excited than you!

Alicia: Exactly! I think you summed up my concern/panic in just two short sentences. Please you said I look beautiful, so that right there makes it a perfect comment.

NCS: I know you have mad math skillz, maybe the best I had known, until Glittersmama...
But, but, but, how come if I look beautiful---you aren't really sure it's me? :) That made me LAUGH.

Carrot: 4 short hours before that picture was taken, I thought I was going out with the girls and would be flirting with waiters, so I totally looked hot.

Rebecca--I'm imagining the brawl that would take place if you tried to short me those ounces...

Glittersmama--First of all, you threw me with the "first comment" and then threw me further with the whole 8.4 actually equals 8.7, almost 8. I still don't get it. You'll have to pretend you are teaching fractions to a 10 year old. Cuz, that's basically where I'm at...How come it says 8.4 pounds in the conversion? I'm serious, give me some answers Math Whiz. I can look past the forgetting you've commented before, but I'm struggling with the math geekiness...:)

Tori----YES! Finally a reason to sue. Of course, there would have to be the assumption that I am both creative enough and have my act together enough to have actually done birth announcements. Always a catch...

Millie---You know I have choices, so of course I airbrushed that photo and chose the most slimming one. S and J will confirm it, they saw the real thing, and she weren't that perty!
You know I'm gonna whine over 4 oz, you won't let me whine over 3 kids...:)

glittersmama said...

The geek is back. (sheepish grin) It might be easier if you think of it that 8.5 pounds is 8lbs 8oz because half a pound is 8oz. So 8.4 pounds would be a little less than 8lbs 8oz. My brain is starting to hurt... :)

Nobody said...

Thanks Glittersmama. Only, you totally just negated my clever post. Sigh.

Suzanne said...

Nobody, I still think you're clever! :D Why would they even have it in grams to begin with??? You'd think that it would do pounds first, then convert to grams. Maybe I'm just backwards! :D

No Cool Story said...

So sorry Nobody, it wasn't until you pointed out what I wrote and I re-read it that I understood.
I blame violent video for this lapse in judgment. I blame the lack of blackberries shakes. I blame noise pollution!

PS. Glittermama is making me look bad with HER mad skillz.
You just wait, let me get my abacus. I'll be invincible then.

glittersmama said...

I owe it all to my trusty calculator. And pocket protector.

Andrea said...

I just found your blog and wanted to say thanks for making me laugh. So fun to read. And I'll stick with the thought that all scales are wrong.

S said...

I being the nurse KNEW the weight sounded wrong but with glittermans comments I am going to stick with the original plan in keeping my mouth shut:)
At the same time I agree with Rebecca.
(hi rebecca and amilee)
(7more days earthbint!)

Jean Knee said...

I seriously think you have grounds for suing that hospital. the nerve

Home scales are always wrong, set it where you want it then take off 7 pounds, that should do it

Kikibug said...

You look AMAZING in that picture! DANG I wish I looked that good when I didn't just give birth!
About being wrong with weight and height.. Judson was 21 inches long when he was born and only 19 inches for his 6 week apt. Poor shrinking baby. :)