Monday, March 14, 2011

Har Kuts

I cut Avee's hair last night. We've been trying to grow it out (a trend around here, and yet I'm the only one with long hair...) but it just looks so scraggly and scrappy 98% of the time. I do love the pigtails, but if I'm being realistic, we just don't make time for cute stuff most days.
Plus, she looks absolutely adorable with short hair.

So, I chopped it all last night. She was amazingly patient about it. It took me much longer than it should have. She recorded herself on our Flip camera, and bragged about her new haircut. Shortly after, she went to bed.

This morning when she got up, not a word was said about her hair.

We spent an hour and a half together this morning getting ready for school, eating, chatting, etc. Not a word about her hair.

I walk out to the car where the kids were supposed to be settling in, getting buckled and she was standing by my door with a sad little face. This is her typical way of communicating with me any dissatisfaction she has about anything. I was rushing to get going and she realized I wasn't going to notice the obvious, so she pointed to the van door where in the dirt "Dum har kut" was written. I said, "What is that!?" She said, "dumb haircut" sulkily. My temper immediately flared because I thought Bo had written it and I was going to beat him with his own backpack for it. Who wrote that!?" She said she had, and my temper immediately calmed. I barked at her to get in the van and then asked her why she had written that.

"Because I hate my hair cut, it looks dumb."
"Wow Avee, that makes me so sad to hear, I worked hard to make it look good and I think I did a great job. I think it's a very cute haircut."
"Well I don't! I don't like my hair this short!"
"That's weird, you didn't say anything about it last night, or all morning. Why are you suddenly complaining?"
"I don't want to go to school with a dumb haircut."
"Well, you are wrong about that. It's not a dum har kut, and I can guarantee you that everyone will think it's cute. I'm positive you will get at least 5 compliments on your hair today."
"No I won't."
"Okay, let's make a bet. If you get 5 compliments today, you have to clean the bathroom for me when you get home. If you don't, then I'll do something you want."
"Eight. I have to get eight compliments."
"Okay, eight. I bet you'll probably even get 10. OR people won't even notice, which means it's not a dumb haircut because you still look the same."

We rode about a half mile in silence, and then, "Never mind, I don't want to bet you."

That's what I thought.

Turns out the average kindergartner doesn't care about their classmates adorable dum har kuts because nobody said anything, except her substitute teacher, who told her it looked neat. Which, I find very complimentary because I definitely was aiming for a neat cut, but Avee prefers the words "cute" or "beautiful".

Fortunately for me, she forgot that the other half of the bet was that she got to pick something if I was wrong.

My luck, she'll remember at 7:59 tonight.


MommyJ said...

Oh my gosh, I love her cuteness. And I'm totally impressed with your haircutting skills. I just trimmed Lucy's hair a few weeks ago... seriously, only a little trim on long hair. And it's awful. Totally uneven. I'm gonna bring her to you so she can get a dum har kut.

Cindy said...

love turned out really cute!!

Klin said...

I am so amazed at how cute she looks all.the.time!

I can't cut girls hair, so if I did it she would've fer shur had a bad har kut.

Sarah Tilley said...

that haircut's awesome! she's seriously cute.

Sara said...

That is a great cut - she looks adorable.
I wanted to comment on your last post, but I didn't what to say without sounding dumb. Anyway, I feel like I ought to say something anyway, because it was so beautiful and heart-wrenching. I am sorry for your loss - and Scott's family's loss.
I wish I'd had a friend like you growing up.

Bubbles said...

Too cute!