Friday, August 6, 2010

Working For The Weekend 'Round Here

Several months ago I was on the phone with my sister that lives in England and I was relating a current funny from my kids. She encouraged me to "record it all". She doesn't really read my blog, so I thought that was funny. I did however start a blog specifically for kid quotes. That was in November last year. I have exactly one story for Avee and one for Bo.

Avee has been a laugh a minute for me today and I started thinking about this blog I never kept. The story on there needs to be shared.

But first, today's recordables:

We went to a drive-in movie last night. Everyone knows the best part of the drive in is all the crap food you bring. We overloaded. This morning, Avee who has been recently conscientious about what is good for you, announced as she walked toward the bathroom, "I gotta go poop all this gawbage outta me!"

Right now she is on the phone with her friend and they both had something "the same" and her friend said, "we're twins!" and Avee said, "Yeah, in God's way!" I do not even know what that means.

"Mom, we aren't allowed to say 'What da heck' because it says 'duh'. Right? See, whaaat duuuuuuuuh heck!"

For some reason bratty kids saying "duh" to each other is way more disrespectful and rude than the phrase "what the heck" is. So "duh" isn't allowed at our house. In fact, I downright love it when Danyo says "what da heck!?" You probably would too.

Okay, so, for last November. Most people who know me have heard the Avee one. It's probably my favorite Avee story of all time.
(she was 4 and a half at the time)
Avery has decided she doesn't like her freckles. It might have to do with now being in preschool and having a friend that she compares appearances with. So in an effort to convince her they are wonderful, I told her that her freckles were angel kisses. And that when she left heaven to come be in our family, the angels were so sad to see her go because they were going to miss her, they kissed her over and over and over, all over her face. She really loved that story. Her face lit up and she got a cute little smile she gets when she feels favored. I really thought that story did the trick.

About a week later I heard her muttering about her darn freckles. I assumed it was a habit and I reminded her where those freckles came from. Then I hear her grumpily complain, "I hate all these freckles, I wish Jesus just kept his hands to himself!"

Bo got caught eating a second chocolate from a box of chocolates I received as a gift. I started griping at him because he would have eaten the whole box without batting an eye. I said, 'This is why I hide stuff and don't let you have my things, because you would have just kept eating all of my candy if I hadn't stopped you just now."

I prepared for his objections, I mean, honestly---who wants to be accused so blatantly of such gluttony?

He responded kind of slowly, "Well.........yeah..........that's true."

So very Avee, so very Bo.


Mrs. Organic said...

Oh! My sides are hurting. She's a little pistol.

Stacey said...

That is hilarious!

What da heck is a common saying in my house too.

Emily said...

"...keep his hands to himself."


I totally know how she feels about freckles. . .

Charlotte said...

Duh, she is hilarious. My 3 year old came up to me yesterday and said, "What the heck, that is freaking cool!" Stupid youngest child picked up slang faster than normal speak.

Suzanne said...

Can we be twins too, Nobody? In God's way of course! But only if you keep your hands to yourself! ;)

Your kiddies are way cute!

Sketchy said...

In God's way.

LOVE her...

And love his honesty! Hope he always knows himself so well, lol.

And you a friendly sort of way. Don't feel left out.

Sketchy said...

Oh and just between you and I, Tom was telling the kids that line about angel kisses, and of course I had to ask, so why do you have them on your butt? Much riotous laughter ... but then I had to explain to my youngest son why I had seen his dad's butt when I don't even have the excuse of having to shower at the gym with him. "You don't go in the BOYS locker room!"