Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Of Course It Had To Be Gibby

Avee just told me she prayed last night that her and her friends wouldn't die. I bet that was a terribly cute little prayer she said. I asked her why she thought she would die. This conversation ensued:
Avee: When I get old. We're all going to die someday you know.
Me: Yes, I do know. But you don't have to be afraid of dying, when you die you go to heaven and live with God--you don't stay dead.
Avee: Yeah, yeah, I know. But...will I be able to come back here to Iowa after I die?

I believe I've heard it all.

Shortly after that cute little conversation she added, "You're gonna die fohst because your the oldest!"

I spanked her and sent her to her room.

This morning Danyo flooded my bathroom. Full on flooded, 2-3 inches of water streaming out. I've always been afraid of that happening and today it happened and I hardly batted an eye. Okay, that's a lie, I wigged out for about 2 seconds. Literally. I realized he put an entire roll of toilet paper down there so I could remedy the situation fairly quickly. That was a waste of about 75 cents and 5 clean towels though.

Pretty much that's the most exciting thing that's happened all day.

Avee who wore a sundress all last winter keeps coming downstairs in the morning wearing jeans and long sleeved shirts. I laugh every time. It reminds me of how when people have newborns they say, "They have day and night confused" which, in and of itself, makes me laugh. Poor newborn, can't quite figure out when in their 24 hours of sleeping, pooping and crying, they are supposed to do one more than the other. Avee can't quite get her seasons figured out. I think that might mean we are supposed to live in California.

Although, today is the second day in a row she has been "Gibby". Of all the characters on all the tv shows and movies in all the world, this is who she wants to imitate? In case you don't know Gibby, he's a character on ICarly. Gibby's trademark is not liking to wear shirts.
I promised Bo the computer and I'm pretty sure I can hear Avee upstairs hammering nails into the wall. I wish I was joking.


Heffalump said...

My son prayed that our house won't explode...I wonder where he got the idea that it might!

Rebecca said...

gibby.. love it.. I won't go to Iowa before I die.. ok...that sounded mean.. I didn't mean it that way..

Anonymous said...

LOL C's laptop is down this week which means we are all 4 sharing mine. I had a meltdown the other night because I hadnt gotten to touch it all day and they had the nerve to fight over who got to play their stupid game first. I won cause its my computer and I needed to check on my (facebook)Mafia and I figure the Mafia overruled the extinct knights....lol
we heard pounding not long ago in one of the boys rooms...he was pounding thumbtacks into the wall w/ sledge hammer....OMG he "found" it outside....we are pretty sure he more likely snagged it while Daddy wasnt looking in the shop.

ucmama said...

So Iowa is Heaven huh? Why didn't Avee tell me 4 years ago so I could have enjoyed it more? If this were Heaven though, I think we'd have less potholes.

FluffyChicky said...

I like trying to imitate Gibby too. But the neighbors got some restraining order type thing that mandates that I remain fully clothed at all times when I am outside. It is a bit of a bummer.