Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Some Things Just BEG To Be Shared

This morning I was barking orders for the kids to put on shoes, finish eating, brush teeth, put away the DS, stop whining, wash their face, get over here, stop touching me, etc, etc, etc.

Bo's school papers hadn't been unloaded from his folder yet so I told him to empty it out and pack up his backpack.

He brought me a book his class had made. It was a book of inventions. I flipped through it, enjoying the sweet first grader scrawl of his classmates, and their creative inventions.

Of course I was anxious to get to his page. I wanted to see if my first grader would have the intellectual capacity to single-handedly change the world with his innocent little first grade idea.
I can see how he thought the idea was a new one, but once he employed his artistic skills....

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