Monday, December 7, 2009

You're On My Toe

This morning I was showing Bo the lunch I was making for him. I have found that if I show him what is in it, he is more inclined to eat all of it at lunch time. It's sounds overly simplistic, I know. But I can't tell you how many times he's come home with a completely uneaten sandwich and has been genuinely surprised when I point it out to him. "I thought that was weird that you only packed me chips and a yogurt!"

For some reason, "under the chips, out of mind" really applies with him.

I show him his sandwich and remind him that if he continues to eat the healthy stuff first, he'll continue to get a treat in his lunch. As I do this, he gets unnecessarily close to me and stands on my big toe.

"You're on my toe."
"Make sure that turkey is good, last time it was crunchy and I know that isn't right."
"It's good turkey. You're on my toe."
Bo chuckles lightly.
"You're on my toe."
Bo leans closer to the turkey and smells it.
"You're still on my toe."

I have a weird tendency to like to watch how far something can go. I mean, I had just told the boy four times, quite clearly that he was standing on my toe and he made not even the slightest effort to move. I was curious.

"Do you see your shoe right there Bo? Notice that my toe is right under it?"

Slowly he lifts his shoe up and there sits my slightly squashed, now red, big toe.

Bo says with some surprise, "Oh wow! Sorry! I didn't know."

"Really!? You didn't hear me tell you all those times that you were on my toe?"

"Oh yeah, I heard you. But I didn't know you really meant it. I just thought it was something people say, like, 'get off my back'. You're never really on someone's back when they say that you know."

I realized several things in that moment. 1. I was the dumb one in that situation. 2. I'm a little sad that my six year old is so well-versed with the phrase and meaning of "get off my back." 3. My boy is smart. 4. Now his little chuckle at "You're on my toe." is waaaaay funnier to me.


Charlotte said...

That is hilarious. Just what did he think "you're on my toe" meant?

I have an idiom free house myself, because when the cat has my tongue, I can usually pull something out of my hat without relying on idioms.

Barnes Blog said...

Seriously! You are hilarious. I have decided that you are to be a writer, you are to write all of your favorite memories down and you are to publish them, I'm pretty sure I would buy it and others too. I can see you now sitting on that tan couch on the Oprah show.
Thanks for your comments, even though you already told them to me at church like twice, it was still nice to read them. ;0) Thanks for your help, you rock! and I'm serious about dinner sometime, I expect an invite on of these days. I might possibly return the favor, depending on how yummy dinner is.

Cindy said...

Barnes blog....I told her that a long time ago. She could have been a millionare by now!! This post is one of my favorites...I could not stop laughing.

jm said...

Very cute post indeed. He is a very smart boy.

Sketchy said...

I'm totally using "You're on my toe" now.

Klin said...

One of the many reasons I love you and your kids.

I sure hope that turkey was good! ;)

Momza said...

So cute...just wait til he's a'll get so tired of saying the same things over n over, you'll wonder if you'll question your sanity.
Good thing you're writing all this down may save your life someday! lol

Code Yellow Mom said...

Charlotte's idiom free house made me laugh.

And Bo. That little chuckle is waaaay funny. And I'm with you on realization #2.

One thing I realized in this post is that I wish I lived at your house. Except for the occasional crunchy turkey part.

Tori :) said...

Everytime I read your posts 1) I hear it in your voice. 2) I laugh. Hard.

I miss you. Cruise 2010!!

Tori :) said...

Ps. You told me to get off your back about Sara's cd. LOL! You could have just said, "Get off my toe Man. I'll give it to her..."

Amy said...

I'm mostly concerned about this "crunchy turkey" he speaks of.