Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Last year I read this post, loved the idea and immediately incorporated it into our Christmas celebration.

That was last year. This year, I couldn't be bothered. Unfortunately, I have a child who has the memory of a herd of elephants. (I just asked J, "what's something that has a good memory?" because I couldn't think of a simile on my own. These were his suggestions, almost in rapid fire: Steel trap, fox, CROW!?)
He's awesome.

So when Bo asked me what the Elves' problem was, and why they hadn't come, I let go of my scrooge-like attitude this year, and got some treats for the stockings.

But then I forgot, two days in a row because we were sick, and just remembering how to walk kept us busy. And then the third day, I remembered, but the house was truly a wreck.

I decided to go ahead and make up for the lost two days, but leave a warning. I mean, the Elves did. They wrote this letter:People who know me well, may be surprised that I have engaged in this sort of "deception". While I revel in the ability to nag my children via a different medium, I was the one, a year ago, trying to figure out how I could be "honest" with my children and tell them about Santa without them ruining it for other kids. And now look at me.

Say what you will about even considering telling my kids the truth, I still lean more toward that way, but Bo has totally and completely ruined me. He LOVES him some imaginary little people communication. And I am a sucker for his happiness.

He wrote this while I was at work:on the "flip over" side:
I laughed out loud at his generous offer of cookies that were given to us by a friend. Turns out, he was desperate for a "p.s." and that is what J supplied him with. I guess those Elves will enjoy themselves tonight!

Avee's response to all of this? At 3:25, a good 7 hours after Bo told her with excitement that the elves finally came, and a good six hours and 59 minutes after he revelled in his treat, Avee inhaled an entire chocolate covered marshmallow snowman. Never wondering where it came from, or how she got so lucky.

This my friends, is a comprehensive and nearly exact summarization of J and me, respectively.

Totally unrelated to the post, just because he's darling.


Sarachid said...

First... this is great.. I love the pictures.. thanks for taking my call and listening about my crazy life

Sarah said...

I cannot possibly convey strongly enough how in love I am with the idea that a kid could be old enough to write and sweet and innocent enough to believe this brilliant elf room cleaning scam. This is fabulous.

The Garden of Egan said...

Stumbled onto your blog and totally enjoyed myself!
So cute. Love the darling little elves! I hope Santa is good to them this year.

Sherry said...

Gigi wrote Santa a letter and said that all she wanted for Christmas was to know her sister was nice. Then she listed the goods. I called Greta over and asked her if she was nice. "YES!" Then I let Gigi know that she got her Christmas wish and didn't need any additional presents. ;) Now it says, All I want for Christmas is for my sister to be nice.

Rebecca said...

Love the idea.. and I love the idea of Santa, and am and firm believer in not telling them the real truth.. but I am going to post about that on my blog!!

Emily said...

"He loves him some imaginary little people communication" I died laughing. . . oh, it SO brings me back to South Chicago.

Great post. Love the elves leaving notes and treats idea.

Sarah Tilley said...

the note from the elves was a great idea. of course, if i tried something like this henry'd know right off i was full of crap because i'd have too hard a time keeping a straight face while waiting for his reaction.

Charlotte said...

Glad you kids are keeping my family's tradition alive! That's what you get for having smart kids. Love the note, he is a master briber.

Code Yellow Mom said...

I love both letters. But "flip over" is my favorite.

I will have to tell you about our Nivlac Yrneh this year some time...I kept forgetting to keep up the elf thing...anyhoo...

I love it that Ben loves elves. There are only so many years that children will just believe and it's kinda sad when it gets squashed out of them, so just go with it. And when the time comes to fill him in on the truth (someone at school will likely do it for you), just tell him that when you stop believing, Santa stops coming. That eliminates the ruining it for younger kids. :)

steffj89 said...

I am going to have to steal your elf note. Mine asked recently if I was santa and I told them I knew I was big but I could never be that big. LOL
We also told them that if you dont believe you get a lump of coal in your stocking...6 kept asking so I stuck a piece of charcoal in his stocking the other day before putting them out, he felt his and dug it out. "Oh no, Santa must not think you believe enough" I said to him. He immediately sat down and wrote santa an email....LOL
Love the internet that makes it possible for Santa to reply almost instantly too.