Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Oh, it's random all right

Ben has hit the stage I have long awaited. I can remember looking down into his precious newborn face and saying to him how much I loved him and kissing him and just not being able to say it or kiss him, enough. And then realizing that one day he'd reciprocate---I couldn't wait!

Well, last night, for the first time, without my saying it first, he said "I love you mom." I am certain I left parts of my heart all over the play area of Carmax because it burst into a million little pieces from the love and the pride. I said, "Oh thank you Ben, that makes me so happy to hear." He continued, "I love dad too." I said, "I love dad also!" and Ben said, "And I bet you guys love your mom and dad like I do."

Later when he was in bed he offered a simple, "I like you mom." It was immediately followed by a threat that he wouldn't lay down to go to sleep if I didn't bring him the right kind of water bottle. But still.

Avery just told Ben, "Stop bugging AVEE!" Um, maybe I better take a different approach in breaking up their disagreements.


Suzanne said...

Hmm...I'm not very clever, but if I come up with a title, I'll let you know! I already know you like my name so maybe I have a chance of you naming your baby after me if I can come up with a good title! ;)

Code Yellow said...

oh man! This is usually my forte! I've come up with a million blog names and tag lines and the whole bit in the last year, every time my schizophrenia surfaces... And now...pregnancy brain. But I'm going to come up with something brilliant. I am. Just give me a minute...

...Uh, is there a time limit?

Carrot Jello said...

I Write The Posts That Make The Whole World Sing...
Hot Diggity!
The Musings Of My Mind
Yeah, I can't think of anything, sorry.

Carrot Jello said...

Wait, how about Que Sera Sera?

Breit Mama said...

Garments Galore and More!!

Hayden Micheal Bryner... Yep, that is a good name!

S said...

Ditto to suzanne's comment but how do I say heck no on naming it suzanne:) (inside joke)

No Cool Story said...

I'll name our third child after you if you do. OH NO YOU AIN'T!!!!

Fpeck Attacks!
Red. Beautiful.
Make you Swoon Evoh

No Cool Story said...

"Make you Swoon Evoh"? Ok, maybe not that one.

How about "Swooning you Foevoh"?

Millie Slapyomama said...

I like "Fpeck Attacks". :)

S said...

Got a minute
Three cardinals and a bluejay
subjects of the queen (Avee)
Nobody called today
Three's company Five's a crowd
Car too small to travel
excellent connection
will blog for chunky monkey
Go Bears! (LOL)
A for Effort
Dishes? What Dishes!
Told told told H2o
Smelly feet
One funny momma
Erma B has nothin on me
Real cool story
Park or Blog?

I also like NCS's but please do not name your baby YAY!

Millie said...

I also like "Apply Directly To the Forehead."

Rebecca said...

Okay how about .. from D to E or E to F.. whatever your case may be..!!! worked for me a while back.. okay maybe not so much!! :)

Code Yellow said...

S - take anything on her list. She is clever and funny. I vote for "Three Cardinals and a Bluejay" (incidentally, mama cardinals aren't redheaded, either...hehehe) OR "Will Blog for Chunky Monkey" (Phish Food?!).

Although "Subjects of the Queen" is also brilliant...but you might want to wait on the birth of #3, because if it's a girl...whew. I tremble to think of the royal fall-out. ;)

Sketchy said...

Personally I'm good with "Stop bugging AVEE!" but that may just be me.

I got my blog name from a sign I saw, so we could go that route. Here there are actual freeway signs that say "Beware! Agressive Drivers" and "Dangerous corner - Stay Alert!" (which always makes us comment on how whichever one is driving may now fall asleep once past the troubling corner.)

No Cool Story said...

I like mine.
I like "Will Blog for Chunky Monkey" (Phish food)
I like "Stop bugging AVEE!"
And you should totally name the baby "Yay".

I got one more: "Unwashed feet bottoms"

S said...

Oh come on NCS don't you like REAL COOL STORY

Hot Unpregnant Millie said...

Maybe "In Washington, pregnant women are considered hot."

That's kind of long though.

Real Cool Story said...

I vote for all of NCS's ideas. She seems to have excellent ideas. I bet she's also very beautiful.

I got one: "Cookie dough for dinner"

Sister Pottymouth said...

I'm too late to play, but I thought I'd enter one anyway. How about "Diaper Daze"? Or "Spit Happens"?