Friday, May 25, 2007


Sparkling clean

Clean linens, all made

Fresh, folded, and put away

Nary a fpeck of debris

Fully stocked

Sold on Tuesday

Bought on Wednesday

Arriving at noon

Home for two weeks after tonight

Innocent victims of my
very unpleasant disposition

Stubborn little...


No Cool Story said...

Stubborn little angel!
Now you are a mini-vanner! W00T. Is J excited about that? I bet he is, who wouldn't be?

Look at you so busy and mommy like. 3 more day! 3 more days!!

Bryner Family said...

Wow! You really are ready. Awesome that you finally got yourself a minivan! I'll never give mine up! :) We can't wait to meet our newest family member! The suspense is killing me... can you hurry it up? :)

Breit Mama said...

Hey! What happened to my Ang@la?! Who are you and what did you do w/ my friend?!

Even the laundry all folded? That is amazing... I need to know your secret!

Carrotjello said...

Ah, what a nice feeling! Even nicer would be having the baby out tonight, eh? Good luck. Go to sleep for the next few days, and don't wake up until you go into labor. You're going to need sleep.

Code Yellow Mom said...

Shoot. Forget the minivan.;) I'm thinking the noon arrival of S is the best thing of this whole list. (except the children - born and un - of course)

Happy days for you! I'm also jealous of the fpeckless rooms.

No Cool Story said...

Two more days until our birthdays!
Si se puede!
SI se puede!

PS: Hi S!!!

Sketchy said...

I cannot believe you put off the minivan for this long! :) I mean aren't you a stressed out pregnant woman?

So it's a couple of days since this post...does this mean...?

Emily said...

Find out how to update your blog with your cell phone and hand it to J at the first pangs... We are the ones in real agony here, you know.

Millie said...

Oh no, I haven't been reading any blogs lately and I just found this! Are you Mom to 3 yet?

No Cool Story said...

OK, it's the 28th on your side of the country.
The time has come for Nobody to push...PUSH!

Sketchy said...

3 days since last post!!! Could it be???

No Cool Story said...

I'm calling you tomorrow, you better have a baby in your, not that baby, no..the new baby.