Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Breakfast Conversation

During breakfast I said to Avee, "You get your cast off in a week!"
Danyo said, "To-mah-woh?"
Me: No, in a week.
Danyo: To-mah-woh?
Me: No, in a wee--. Oh, a week is 7 days. So, in 7 days.
Danyo: Oh. Then, not to-mah-woh?
Me: Nope. Oh yeah! It's also your birthday in a month Bo!
Danyo: To-mah-woh?
Me: No, in a month.
Danyo: To-mah-woh?

I laughed, so then all the kids laughed, probably not even sure why I was laughing. Danyo, chuckling like a jovial old man, and shaking his head, knew exactly why, "I don't know what a month means."

Last week we went to a new little frozen yogurt shop to check it out. Avee and Danyo sat in these chairs that were big round balls almost, with a small flat area on the bottom to hold it steady and a small flat area on top to sit. Halfway through our stay, Danyo toppled out of the chair. It was really loud and made quite a spectacle. Avee would have rushed over and hid her face in my side, cried, rejected her ice cream, and wanted to leave right away. Bo would have blushed bright red, scooped up ice cream off the floor to finish, and quietly walked away, leaving a toppled chair. I would have been mortified.

Danyo, flat on his back, legs stuck up in the air, held up by the toppled ball-chair, held his ice cream up to safety and with crooked glasses and a charming smile exclaimed, "It's a great day for falling!" He swung his legs around, propped up the chair and went back to eating like nothing had happened. I couldn't have felt more proud. That was my 4 year old boy!

Right now he's running his dirty little hands up and down my face, a race between the two hands. I guess I'm done.


Heffalump said...

I love how kids can each be totally awesome and have their own unique personalities at the same time.

Stacey said...

That is hilarious!

Klin said...

AWESOME!!! You seriously have the cutest and most entertaining kids. I love reading about them and how they say things and see things. And he's right. 7 to-mah-wohs and the cast will be off. Well like 6 now.