Sunday, July 25, 2010

I bet you thought I went back to my old slothful ways of non-blogging. But I didn't. Our computer was broken for several days (there appears to be a pattern of our computer breaking in July---it's weird) and then the kids and I were out of town for nearly two weeks.

I'm home, recuperated from traveling with three young children, and I gots my blog on.
Sort of.

Today while I was upstairs "napping" but secretly watching a show on Lifetime that I don't care about, don't know the actors, and don't know the title of, but simply CANNOT TURN OFF, J gave the kids an assignment. He told them they needed to write a story that included a person, an animal, and an airplane.

Avee came upstairs and complained to me about J's instructions. I told her the upstairs was for naps, so she could stay with me and take a nap, or go downstairs and do what Dad wanted. She promptly left me.
While Avee was upstairs complaining, Bo took matters into his own hands and got the job over with.
Avee and I sort of hold the corner on the market of sassy and smart-alecky in this house, so this really made me laugh. Of course being true to himself, he wrote an actual story. He asked me to please share that one, but it's 5 pages, front and back with one little drawing and two word sentences on each page. I'm gonna pass on that.

Avee's was a picture. She told me the story was "too long" to tell me, but later changed her mind. I don't know if blogger will let me upload the video. It's 3 minutes long and not that exciting, but it is so very Avee.

In other news, my sweet niece came to visit from England. She really is sweet. She's 17 now, so being sweet is kind of a big deal. I remembered that I used to be as nice and unassuming as she was. Now I'm crotchety and bossy, and intolerant. I'm trying to go back to being nice and unassuming. That's my goal right now. I hope it's not as impossible as getting back into my skinny jeans has been...

I realized yesterday that the kids start school in 3 weeks. I can't believe it! In an effort to avoid some disciplinary problems for Bo, I'm going to start a "study time" with the kids to get them in the groove. Bo had a relatively rough start last year, but I think it was mostly because we ran around like wild animals the entire summer, and sitting still and listening was not anything his brain cells could recall.

Avee's not too keen on starting kindergarten. When she realizes there is no couch and no remote control she is REALLY going to be ticked.

I am simultaneously quite sad about letting her go, and looking forward to my solo time with Danyo. I really hope he takes the opportunity to stop being so demanding and screechy. He seems to really need my time and attention (or is considerably more annoying about getting it) than the other two.

Last night J and I went and saw Inception. I enjoyed it. I've become disenchanted with most movies in the theater because it's now $20 to go, plus childcare and most movies don't seem worth it. This one was. And it's 2 and a half hours long, and didn't feel like it, so that's always a good sign. J has a mancrush on Leonardo---so he liked it. Obvi.

We had a new library open here 2 weeks ago. I was pretty excited because it's like a mile away from my house and the other ones are quite a haul. I already have 7 things overdue. I like to support my local libraries.

I have to go return my stuff now before it becomes more "support" than is socially acceptable.


Klin said...

Woot Woot!!! You are back!!!

I'm gonna have to go see Inception. I have only read great stuff about it from the peeps I trust.

I love Bo's story. It incorporated all the essential elements required and was short and to the point. No fluffy stuff just to take up space.

Do you think your kids could get anymore awesome and cute? I don't either.

Klin said...

Ooooh OOOOOOH I was soooooo first. That's waaaay cool in my book.

Rebecca said...

Woo hoo too.. glad to see you get your grove on.. love the video..a little bit of me breaks in small little bits to see her so grown up.. and yet so cute!!! Ok.. you got it girl..:)

Sketchy said...

You are busted! Bustedh I say!!

Just how much Ed Grimley are letting her watch?

Heffalump said...

You start school early! We don't start until September 7th here!
Is it bad that I wish school started in three weeks here?

Mrs. Organic said...

Glad you gots your blog on. That story is the best - he's so literal in his snarkiness.

Sherry said...

Do you know how much I have missed you?

Super Happy Girl said...

I lobe it how the drawing has like 50 fingers on each hand :)
"Are those beans?"
"Will you marry me?"
Wow, that was a loong story!

Bo turned an excellent story. That boy is going to be loved in middle school by all his teachers.

Jamie said...

Imagine my surprise when I hopped on the computer and saw that you had really made my day as i am missing my "Iowa Connection" here in Utah. During those lonely school days, we must get together with our solo children!

Adolescent Family said...

We saw inception too! Loved it!

Glad you got your blog on again, I really miss you when your gone. :)

Adolescent Family said...

We saw inception too! Loved it!

Glad you got your blog on again, I really miss you when your gone. :)