Friday, January 8, 2010


I have about 15 bags of groceries on my floor and I'm blogging. I've put the frozen stuff away and that's all that matters. No fudge-pop puddles on my floor!

I don't have anything to write, but I was feeling sad this morning that I'm not taking the time to document my life and the kids' stages right now.

But that doesn't change that I haven't a thing to really write about.

I fell on the ice on Tuesday morning. I was holding Danyopants too. He totally yelled at me for falling. If it didn't hurt so badly, I probably would have laughed at his griping. The entire right side of my body hurts at varying degrees. I'm too old and too fat and too tall to be falling like this.

I'm sad that my little Bo is closer to 7 than six. He's just simply not a baby in any way, anymore. This makes me sad. I love his growing and evolving and discovering, but all this is going to lead to is a frumpy, monosyllabic teenager and I don't think I can take that change.

I don't think Bo has a chance in the world to ever become monosyllabic.

Danyo's starting to talk more and more, he has very important phrases like, "Dat's mines" down. I love every word he says. Today at the store I was trying to convince him to let me buy the generic bubble bath, since it's going to get all dumped out when I'm not looking anyway, and I'd rather cheap stuff get dumped. I opened up one of the bottles and he said, clear as day, "Dat smells like juice." I made him say it two more times. I think it was his first complete sentence. He punctuates each word with a slight pause. Avee was inclined to turn an entire sentence into a word, "getout-thewaaaaay", and Danyo seems to make each word it's own sentence.

J went vegetarian last week. Right after his last Arby's splurge. I suspect a good enough looking hamburger shows up, he'll reconsider---but for now, he's all beans and veggies.

Most days I feel like I'm floating through life. We've been waiting for several months to hear about a job opportunity and the waiting is getting to me. I try to live in the moment, but this waiting has kept me from doing that. I'm waiting, planning, hoping, wishing, scheming, dreaming...all of those things keep me from really living. I need to stop. I need to play Sorry more with Bo. I need to play house with Avee. I need to read more to Danyo. But instead I spend my days waiting for a change, dreaming about leaving Iowa winters, and cursing the dadgum people who are taking so long.

Hey, how'd you like that little glimpse into my brain!?

My kids are hungry. They can't heat up their corndogs until I open the package. I can't wait until these kids can do everything for themselves.
Just kidding.


Sarah Tilley said...

you brain kind of sounds like mine.

Kristi Clinger said...

Is J going through a mid-life crisis? No meat sersiously!

I love how your brain works. It's very entertaining.

Adolescent Family said...

First of all, I'm so glad you posted. I was starting to miss my dose of Nobody. :)

2nd your kids are and will be adorable their entire life.

3rd - J, WHATS UP?

4th I feel your pain about the unknown. It doesn't really get better until it either changes or you decide its not going to. Either is a painful process. good luck.

5th I still miss you. I am SO in the need of a 'girls night'. :)

Klin said...

I didn't even know that monosyllabic was a word!

No get off the compy and go play cars, house, guitar hero or whatever.

You do need a girls lunch or night out.

Carrot Jello said...

I'm thinking of going vegetarian after the rotten meat greek salad I had last night.
Serves me right for having a meat salad.

Heffalump said...

I hope your dreams of fleeing Iowa come true soon!
I can tell you it's truly a wonder when one of your kids is old enough to nuke their own hot dog or bowl of ramen. I know because four out of six of mine can, and the older ones can help the younger ones out with their lunch too!

Tiffany said...

I feel ya sista!

MommyJ said...

I think I would have just left the frozen stuff in the car... since it's 3 degrees outside right now. This is way colder than the typical north carolina winter and I don't like it!

It is good to see you post, even if you think it's nothing. It's never nothing when it comes from Nobody. Heh. That's a pretty funny sentence when you think about it.

Barnecked Lady said...

I've been too lazy to become a vegetarian.
I like your brain.
So once upon a time I had kids who could do everything for themselves.
The End.

Charlotte said...

Did I miss something or is Avee frozen in time and has no new stages?

Also, I was just wondering about your job waiting the other day. Glad you mentioned it or I would have kept remembering too late to IM you and ask.

Last, I feel caught in the waiting loop too. Until our house sells in NC and we buy here or move and buy, I am stuck in limbo. It's so hard to live in the moment when you're just waiting.

Carrot Jello said...

I was driving behind a delivery truck today, and on the back of it I read, "Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee"
And I was all, "What the heck is wrong with Nobody??" Geez! It's Sara Lee! She makes baked goods! How can you not like that?
I'm not sure if I can come back here.
Unless you offer doughnuts or something.

Super L said...

I'm jealous of Danyo's speaking abilities. Leafy Isaac only uses words for recreational purposes. As in, he has the entire script of "The Curse of the Wererabbit" memorized and will recite it verbatim at any given opportunity (in English or Chinese), but will not say "I'm hungry." He will instead bring you a loaf of bread and wail at you until you open it.

Amy said...

I think your brain and my brain are on the same channel right now. Feel like my life is on hold and I'm missing "moments" waiting for someone to come back and push the "play" button. It is frustrating and I'm impatient.

Vegetarian...really? I couldn't give up red meat.

Alicia said...

Nice to see you Nobody. Thanks for letting the groceries wait.

Danyo's comment about the bubble bath was darling! What a cutie!

Code Yellow Mom said...

Waiting is such a trap, isn't much hope looms that you can't hardly enjoy the here and now.

Seven years old is fun, even if it is on the downhill slide to monosyllabic teenagerhood. Course, when you have a 7yo that already acts 40, the teen years don't seem too scarey. :) My Henry on the other hand...

Sorry you fell - that is so miserable.

I'm laughing at Arby's causing vegetarianism.